What Did Chrysler Do To Deserve All This?

what did chrysler do to deserve all this

A few days back we asked " Does God Hate Chrysler?" We're beginning to think that was more than just a rhetorical question. Regardless of your theological beliefs, it's obvious Chrysler has pissed off someone on a higher plain of existence. Hot on the heels of broken equipment, bankrupt suppliers and assembly plant fires, a "mechanical problem" forced Chrysler to shut down their main office in Windsor, Ontario. Mlive doesn't identify the culprit, but they revealed that the utility company has cut off the building's water and power. Chrysler hasn't said how long it'll be before their Canadian HQ is back in operation. Farago thinks there may be a terrorist/disgruntled employee lurking behind the scenes. I'm thinking Bob Nardelli needs to hire an exorcist.

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  • Guyincognito Guyincognito on Mar 12, 2008

    @ eastaboga: Ford shut down the Norfolk assembly plant which produced the F150. It was among the leaders in quality for Ford plants and had been totally revamped for the 2004 F-150 production and flexible manufacturing capability.

  • Bunkie Bunkie on Mar 12, 2008

    What did Chrysler do to deserve this? It's simple, really: They built (and continue to build) lousy cars that no one wants to buy. Even back in the glory days, Mopar products were problem-prone. I laugh at everyone who is singing the praises of the Challenger. They obviously never owned one. I did. Yes, it had a killer 440 motor. But it was an absolute bucket with an awful iterior, terrible brakes and steering that was nautical in nature. With a lousy electrical system. My '69 Charger's electrical system was done in by the shorted high-beams caused by the rubbing of the wires against a raw sheetmetal edge that resulted each time the headlight covers operated. A cheap rubber grommet would have prevented this. And things went downhill from there. Part of me is attracted to certain Chrysler products. But I know that I could never actually bring myself to buy one.

  • Incitatus Incitatus on Mar 12, 2008

    The post should be titled "What Chrysler Didn't Do To Deserve All This?" Now, I can easily answer that question. They did not build one car in the last 10 years to turn my head on the streat or interest me enough to visit their dealership. For that matter they deserve everything that happens to them lately. Good night!

  • OldandSlow OldandSlow on Mar 12, 2008
    "Farago thinks there may be a terrorist/disgruntled employee lurking behind the scenes." Actually, most of the work forced is disgruntled. I've seen it where I work when a new president arrived one day from the outside and most of everyone working there has been there over ten years. In fact, many have been there over twenty. Very little effort, if any, is made to involve the rank and file on the best way to implement the new program. Low morale and an unfriendly work environment ensue. Chrysler has to become a superb niche player to survive. The me too approach with sub-par offerings like the Sebring/Avenger has to change. That's a lot of change and money. It ain't goin to happen.