Who the Hell is Jordan Graham?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

Under former Toyota Prez Jim Press, Chrysler has decided to get a bit more touchy-feeling with their customers. Nothing wrong with that. Their new blog, Chryslerlistens.com, follows GMNext.com's desire to pay lip service to web 2.0 establish closer contact between automaker and consumer. In case you thought Chrysler might begin this exercise in e-Glasnost with a mea culpa of some kind (as if) or at least a little humility, a writer named Jordan Graham opens the "dialogue" with a mighty blast of bombast. "In case you hadn't heard (living in a cave, perhaps?), Chrysler has unleashed the mother of all promotions, aptly titled 'New Day.' Calling this a 'major deal' would be akin to calling the Jeep® Wrangler 'outdoorsy.'" Wow; insult the customer to draw them into a conversation. I've got one thing to say about that: 0 comments. Anyway, we Googled the unattributed Jordan. LinkedIn tells us that he's a "Writer – Electronic and Broadcast Media; Executive Speeches at Chrysler LLC." In the past, he was "Marketing Communications Intern at Michigan Suburbs Alliance; Marketing Communications Intern at Michigan Veterinary Specialists." Some might say Jordan's elevation to spokesperson for Chryslerlistens.com indicates the company's gone to the dogs, but I couldn't possibly comment. Anyway, here's Graham's intro to this ad: "Without further ado, some visual aids to help you process this mind-blowing development…"

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Dynamic88 Dynamic88 on Feb 03, 2008

    There is a Chrysler/Jeep dealer a mile and a half from my cave, but this blog doesn' t make me want to check out their product.

  • Frantz Frantz on Feb 04, 2008

    Maybe if when posting on their blog you didn't have to be sensored... i mean "moderated" before an entry was posted the diolog would happen faster. Not that it matters. Whenever I email Chrysler (or any other car company) I get thanked for my suggestion but am informed about their wonderful commities that do the thinking on what the consumer (I) want! I'm glad they are there to prevent me from buying a car that I only think I want!

  • Storminvormin Storminvormin on Feb 04, 2008

    I got a chuckle out of the commercial. I never knew they could so eloquently illustrate the direction of their current brand identity.

  • CPAohyeah69 CPAohyeah69 on Feb 16, 2008

    this jordan graham character, Obviously a n'er do well and a uncouthe vagabond, is obviously a terrible choice to be a voice to consumers from chysler. I demand his immediate dismissal. Who is Jordan Graham? A soon to be unemployed nobody. Also ther are new and exciting with recent changes to the federal tax code, you can defer your net capital gains into a 401b post-earnings entitlement and roll the savings into your IRA!!! Ohhhh, gawwwd!!! Yeaa