TTAC Photochop: New SEAT Bolero

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop new seat bolero

Ladies and gentlemen: SEAT's future sports-sedan, the Bolero! Traditionally, SEAT's mid-size Spanish sedans were called Toledo. But in 2004, Seat presented a half sports-car-wannabe, half-MPV, half-sedan Toledo Mk III. Fresh name, fresh start. The Bolero will try to refocus the Spanish brand on its alt Alfa mission. (The "Auto Emocion" slogan of the Martorell manufacturer is a match for the Italian "Cuore Sportivo"– on paper.) Seat claims their entire line-up will be subjected to a fitness cure. The Bolero will be the new wave's main exponent, based on the previous Audi A4 (B7) As with all other non-German cars built on German platforms, the Bolero will be slightly larger than it's organ donor, with an up-sized radiator grille. Curved spoilers, muscular lines in dynamic tension should differentiate the car from the less-flashy German step-brother and re-project the prerequisite "Auto Emocion" intention. If it loses the half-MPV bit, I might be interested in driving it.

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  • Redbarchetta Redbarchetta on Feb 05, 2008

    Pretty nice looking, I really like the shape and nose. Too bad we don't get to see any SEATs here in the States. What's up with that logo in the front grill, is it really gigantic and blingy like that on the real cars.

  • JJ JJ on Feb 06, 2008

    @Redbarchetta Yes it is...on new Leons, Alteas and Toledos. They all have the same kind of grill you see on this Bolero rendering. Even the small Ibiza has a pretty big logo on the nose if I remember correctly. However, after a while you barely notice it anymore. Seat used to be very succesful a view years ago but since then it seems they kind of lost it. They have 3 models now that are basically the same (Altea, Altea XL, Toledo) and the Leon, which is a nicer looking and slightly (but not much) cheaper version of the Golf (rabbit)/A3. There's even a 240 HP Cupra with a version of the GTI engine. Still, for some reason it gets looked over and people just go for the Golf.