TTAC Photochop: New Ford Mustang

ttac photochop new ford mustang

I decided to join this effort of slowly and painfully teasing the ‘Stang fans with an image of my own. Based on the pictures we’ve seen so far from Ford and on what else I could see by peeking through the camouflage of the test cars, my rendering tries to bring a little light over this new Ford design. Unfortunately the new car won’t be getting anything from the Giugario Concept, nada, zilch. However, the new style doesn’t seem that bad. The side view is new an old in the same time (tribute to the first gen) with an elegant front arch that continues in a side straight prominence disrupted towards the back to form sculptural shoulder over the rear wheel. The fascia is an evolution of the current model (which was inspired by the original pony) therefore already familiar. The grille between the lights is narrower and underlined by a superb bevel that melts into the hood and into the front spoiler. The edgy hood (we’ve already seen spied) has a new “power bump” and creases that lead to the sides of the grille. Clearly not a revolution, this new Stang will get the job done (design wise) and will appear to be smarter and lighter. Even if it isn’t, particularly.

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  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Oct 16, 2008

    I don't mind the center lights but they need to move closer to the headlamps and be smaller in diameter. If they would build me one that got 35 mpg with a 5 or 6 speed I'd buy one. Wouldn't need 300+ HP, just something that can keep up with the average compact car by Honda.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Oct 16, 2008
    joeaverage : I don’t mind the center lights but they need to move closer to the headlamps and be smaller in diameter. Since you mentioned it, I'd like to see Avarvarii's work with the V6 Pony package's grille. The framed pony ornament and small fog lights would look absolutely sinister on this photochop.

  • SPPPP I got a kick out of the three paragraphs beginning with "As a reminder..." and ending with "straight(ish) line". In no small part because they showed up twice in the article. As I scrolled past the next picture, I was gleefully excited to see if they would show up a third time. But no, the rest of the article continued as normal. Competent though it was, the magic was gone.
  • SPPPP Just an observation - at $1.66 billion for a target 1,800 buses, that's $922,222.22 per bus. I know they will need chargers, but still ... doesn't that seem pretty un-ambitious? Couldn't they put more than 20,000 Ford E-transit electric vans on the streets for the same price?
  • Kosmo The power figures for the 3.0 diesel are impressive, especially compared to the 3.0 diesel in our 2007 Sprinter.(Ralph Nader enters room) How do those STEEL bumpers affect crash safety?
  • Kosmo Magnum Wagon reboot would be the schizzle!
  • Redapple2 Guys. 80 K? Who buys these? I mean professionals- Doctors Lawyers, Engineers, Coder beta boy whatever, have the money but dont buy the cave man, bro dozer. The red necks that want them make peanuts. So>? Redneck contractors buy them? Those that can write it off thru the business (and burn company gas)