TTAC Photochop: New Toyota Celica

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii

My first TTAC-exclusive rendering for 2008: Toyota's eighth incarnation of the Celica. Toyota has already given us a few tips regarding the looks of their next sports car via the FT-HS Concept. However, the concept car has lots of “show-thingies” that are as unfit for market release as the vowel-less name. Gone will be the “hybrid-synergy-drive” hood scoop, the fancy roof or the unnecessary rear air intakes. Other parts like the expensive carbon-fiber compound wheels or the tiny mirrors will be replaced with components better fit for mass production and road-use. I also believe that the front air intakes will be a bit larger, as proper cooling is very important in a performance car. I added two extra intakes underneath the front lights, because I thought they will temper a bit the original “yacht-smile” of the FT-HS. The lights will feature more conventional technologies, the usual H9 and or Xenon lamps + LEDs for signals, that giving them a slightly different look. As always, we shall see what we shall see…

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Andrei Avarvarii
Andrei Avarvarii

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  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Jan 04, 2008

    Interestingly enough in this rendering, it looks similar to a Nissan 350Z with how it slopes to the back (obviously not the front).

  • Casper00 Casper00 on Jan 04, 2008

    Celica, didn't toyota reveil and supra model that look like this?

  • Carguy1964 Carguy1964 on Jan 05, 2008

    I'd say they got the design backwards, c'mon Toyota even the Huyndai brand 'Gen looks more like a Celica than the so called Toyota...

  • SexCpotatoes SexCpotatoes on Jan 05, 2008

    Carlisimo: You just take the prototype out and start kneecapping pedestrians of all ages and sizes and see how much damage it does to the people and the car at various speeds.... ... but seriously, car companies use lifelike dummies suspended by wires, and computer modeling and sensors and all sorts of fancy crap to do that. Do any of us here have the wherewithal to do the testing? Probably not.