The End is Nigh: Baby Caddy Gets Closer. Or… Not.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
the end is nigh baby caddy gets closer or 8230 not

Cadillac is like the guy who hits his head against the wall because it's fun to stop. Only they forgot the stopping bit. Australia's GoAuto reports that GM's premier luxury brand will not do the right thing and send the brand-defiling sales flop known as the Cadillac BLS back to whatever corner of Hell is reserved for hideous mutants. "An American GM insider suggested to GoAuto that the next-generation BLS – which may be made in America or Mexico since it shares much of its Epsilon II architecture with the next-generation Saab 9-5 and 9-3 due in 2009 and 2010 respectively – will have bespoke bodywork as well as a stronger driving character, as Cadillac attempts to redress two of the biggest criticisms levelled at this vehicle." See? They just don't get it, do they? Meanwhile, according to GM Car Czar Bob Lutz, the new "entry level" Cadillac ATS "is, or would be, about the size of a BMW 1 Series – maybe just a tiny bit bigger to enable larger wheels.” Based on GM's new rear wheel-drive Alpha platform, no less. Maybe. Yup, you guessed it. "Alpha is still under consideration, but we haven’t kicked off any design work or any engineering work because we have to sort our way through this 35mpg task." Maybe someone should tell Lutz and co. that a bad plan is a whole lot better than no plan.

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  • Luther Luther on Feb 05, 2008

    "They do however make a 730d, with an European highway rating of 38 mpg (US) " Which will be reduced to about 31 mpg (US) to meet US emissions laws...Lean burn is an EPA no-no.

  • SunnyvaleCA SunnyvaleCA on Feb 05, 2008

    Could we get a 1-series competitor without all the electronic gizmos please?

  • Edgett Edgett on Feb 05, 2008
    Could we get a 1-series competitor without all the electronic gizmos please? Ditto: How about an update on a RWD Datsun 510 with a modern DI four-cylinder and a six-speed manual? Electric window lifts, leather interior and automatic climate control optional... I'll take mine in a hatch about the size of an Audi A3.

  • Brownie Brownie on Feb 05, 2008

    Face it, everyone: GM is addicted to badge engineering. They just can't help themselves. When any brand has any kind of success, they immediately try to fill out that brand's model offerings in the hope that the shine of, say, the CTS will rub off on, say, a Saab with a body kit. The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem, GM.