Classic Driver: Bentley Brooklands is Insane

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
classic driver bentley brooklands is insane

Actually, UK scribe Steve Wakefield says nothing of the sort. In fact, his review of the new Bentley Brooklands doesn't offer much in the way of literary thrills. But if you're a student of serious horsepower, hand-stitched pampering and tightly focused branding, Wakefield's luxury car liturgy will be music to your ears. For those of you who can't get enough power, the £230k two-door is "powered by the most powerful V8 in the company’s history:" a twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter mill that stumps-up 530bhp @ 4000rpm and 1050Nm of torque at 3200rpm. (No mention of mpgs.) Good thing customers can opt for the largest brakes in the world: 420mm, cross-drilled, carbon/silicon carbide fronts with 356mm rears. And the factoids keep coming! The Brooklands makes the 50 to 70mph "overtaking dash" in just 2.4 seconds, tops-out at 184mph (or more), boasts "the largest rear seat area of any production coupé in the world" and handles well (you know; for a car that weighs more than southern Rhode Island). For some reason, Wakefield feels obliged to end his piece by touting the car's "infinitesimal impact" on global warming. He also advises Brooklands owners to middle finger salute the greens. "It’s a statement, an opportunity for the world’s richest to say, 'This is going to be my car. I’m going to enjoy every minute spent specifying it and driving it.'"

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  • Johnster Johnster on Feb 15, 2008
    Sammy Hagar: BTW: Does it come w/tube socks, throwback jersey and hair pick? There's a little compartment built into the dashboard. Bentley logos, although you can specify your own, personal coat-of-arms, if you so desire.

  • Johnson Schwanz Johnson Schwanz on Feb 15, 2008

    Well, this is a great old-money car, unlike the Continental GT: a footballer's and ringtone rapper's car. I want one of those when I hit the lottery. Looks like something Boss Hogg would have driven.

  • Dean Dean on Feb 15, 2008

    The interior is a little overwrought by my taste, but it sure looks like a helluva car. A twin-turbo V8 doesn't seem right, though. I feel like it should have a 10litre V12.

  • Ghillie Ghillie on Feb 16, 2008

    Really rather ugly