Aussie V8 Sales Strong: How Gr8 is That?

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

If you're looking for a reason to be hopeful for strong sales of Pontiac's forthcoming G8– an imported Australian Holden by any other name–'s got a story for you. The news agency reports that sales of Holden's V8-engined cars down under are up 183 percent year-on-year. Of course, we're talking about absolute numbers so small they wouldn't even twitch the sales needle for GM. "We look like we'll sell between 11,000 and 12,000 V8 Commodores and Caprices," John Lindsay revealed. Still, "People seem to be adjusting to higher fuel prices. It's also important to remember that modern V8s are more economical than those of the past." The article points out that all may not be as it seems; sales of Ford's V8-powered cars are flat (the last of the great V8 Interceptors?) and overall Ozzie sales were up for the period. Still, it's true that V8s haven't reached a commercial or technological dead end. And the idea that consumers prefer rorty V8s is a nice thought for Motown denizens who [still] share GM's Lutzian perspective on the average consumer's desire for maximum horsepower.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Shaker Shaker on Dec 31, 2007

    The land of Mad Max loves V8's and fighting over "juice", right?. "Bring it on, Mate."

  • Sherman Lin Sherman Lin on Dec 31, 2007

    Nothing wrong with offering a RWD V8 but where are GM's Fit and Yaris competitors? The Aveo doesn't cut it.

  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on Dec 31, 2007

    God bless the Australians. Their gasoline costs way more than ours does, and they still buy substantial numbers of V8 RWD cars and SUVs. @Sherman Lin: GM has em, sort of. The Astra is very good, but not going to be mainstream for the U.S. The Opel Corsa is the car they sell in the Fit-Yaris category in Europe, and it's also a very solid competitor. But as we know, European small cars aren't part of GM's business plans for now. FWIW, Fit and Yaris sales are way up over the past 2-3 years, but compared to the real heavy hitters in the market (Accord, Camry), they're still playing minor league AA baseball at best.

  • Jthorner Jthorner on Dec 31, 2007

    " ... they’re still playing minor league AA baseball at best." Just like everything with a Pontiac, Buick, Saturn, Mercury or Lincoln badge is. If GM can keep Pontiac on life support then surely they can offer a good Versa class vehicle in the US.