Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Breaks Cover

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
cadillac escalade hybrid breaks cover

Or, more accurately, TTAC breaks GM's embargo on the new Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. Anyway, let's start with the basics: why? To quote the passively constructed press release, "Two of the biggest trends in the automotive world in recent years have been related to the unique function and fashion of luxury SUVs, and the fuel saving function and fashion of hybrids. These two trends were seemingly in opposition, until now." The fashion of hybrids? Somebody catch that cat and shove it back in the bag! [NB: no animals were harmed in the making of this metaphor.] GM claims Caddy's box-fresh gas – electric SUV achieves a "50-percent improvement in fuel economy in city driving." That would bump-up an urban burbling Slade from 12mpg city to 18mpg. OK, so, how much does it cost? They ain't sayin'. But we now know the hybrid Chevrolet Tahoe demands at least a $13k premium. And even a cursory glance at the tech spec indicates all that gas saving will cost a small fortune. Deep breath. The hybrid Caddy features a 6.0-liter V-8 Gen IV gasoline engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM) and late-intake valve closing (LIVC) technology, a 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS), an advanced electrically variable transmission (EVT) with stop – start technology, a regenerative braking system, a new exhaust system and resonator, an electrically driven, 300-volt air conditioning compressor, and an electrically driven 42-volt variable-assist power steering system. Perhaps just as importantly, "It is available in two colors, Ebony and Cashmere. Standard features include a distinctive instrument panel; gauges with white needles and blue light inlays with continuously lit, white-LED backlighting; Nuance leather-covered seats; leather-covered door trim and center console; and a power-assisted rear liftgate that opens and closes with the touch of a button." Can you believe they forgot to mention the big ass "hybrid" stencil on the side? Details guy, details!

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  • Ryan Knuckles Ryan Knuckles on Nov 08, 2007

    zenith: Agreed. I doubt I will ever own a full sized SUV, and I know I won't own one that isn't on a truck-based platform. For it to be an SUV, for me, it must have a capital U.

  • Labrat Labrat on Nov 10, 2007

    How many pimp environmentalists are there really? I guess I'm mentally conflicted regarding the notion of a full sized hybrid SUV. On one hand, I think that fuel saving technology is best applied to the thirstiest vehicles, as it saves the most fuel in those applications, as opposed to hybridizing an already fuel efficient Civic. On the other hand, why not just buy a lighter vehicle with a smaller engine, and eliminate the complexities and expense of the hybrid system? My Acadia is several hundred pounds lighter than the Slade hybrid, has the same or maybe more room inside, and the overall gas milage with the 3.6 liter six will probably be the same. It also tows 4500 lb, not much less than the Slade. I guess it doesn't have street cred, though. There I go thinking logical again.

  • FreedMike During my second year of college, I took my first French class, where I discovered that if you remove the "e" from "Citroen," you get the French word for "lemon." My family had a Citroen - an SM, no less. Completely appropriate. Nice logo or not, Stellantis is going to have an uphill battle reintroducing this brand - or any French brand, for that matter.
  • IBx1 It works better as an oval than a circle as it appears in the headline photo, but I generally dislike the 2D logos everyone in the industry is adopting and think badge looked great since '09.
  • Pbxtech I like it, but it's not an improvement. Lateral move at best.
  • Cprescott It is not a disaster like the 2024 Ford Mustake.
  • Cprescott The company's issues are not resolved by a new logo.