UAW Lobbying Locals To Support Chrysler Contract

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

I love the smell of desperation in the morning. Even as workers at the St. Louis plant decided Chrysler couldn't Ram a new contract down their throats, UAW officials are stepping up their efforts to rally support. The Wall Street Journal reports the UAW's leaders (those who haven't already come out against the new contract, that is) are telephoning their representatives looking for support for the contract in a lobbying effort that the union's chief bargainer, General Holiefield, described as "unusual" (i.e. urgent). Holiefield also sent a letter to local officials asking for their support as that the UAW feels the contract provides "gains and protections for all UAW Chrysler workers." If any of our readers have seen one of these letters or know what was discussed in those phone calls, we'd love to hear from you. We're dying to know what strongarm tactics incentives the UAW's offering for its members' support.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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