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Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
I’m not a big fan of segregation. Obviously, US car culture splits into distinct niches: hot rodders, low-riders, urban gangstas, tuners, etc. Equally obvious, these niches attract adherents from specific ethnic groups. But just as communities throughout my home state meet down at the markets as they root around for fresh ingredients for their ethnic cuisine, there is an element of respect and inter-mingling between these petrol-powered fraternities. Anyway, I don’t get the male – female automotive divide. I seriously doubt that there’s a female automotive perspective– even when it comes to child safety and minivanning. So when I saw a press release about a new female-oriented automotive website, I decided to do what it said on the tin: ask Patty. Turns out “Patty” is a male invention and the company producing the website makes its money sensitizing dealers to “women’s needs.” I quizzed Jody Devere, President of, about the statistical justification for the segregation.
Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • Lesley Lesley on Jul 14, 2006

    I love that. Especially when I'm right. :)

  • Manager of service Manager of service on Jul 15, 2006

    To GEMorris, I have been fortunate to have met quite a few Ladies that know there way around cars and we have discussed this topic. We ahve actually tricked a couple of different techjnicians by requesting a diagnosis of a specific problem and then having the Lady ask the technician pointed technical questions about the problem. this does two things 1) it allows us to find quality technicians who can honestly diagnose and explain a failure and 2) thoroughly confuse an otherwise confident technician because the next time the technician explains a problem they will not know if the customer already knows the answer. I think this helps to keep the technician humble and most of all honest.

  • Anonymous Anonymous on Oct 06, 2006
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  • Anonymous Anonymous on Oct 24, 2006
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