Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

You may have noticed that TTAC hasn't been maintaining its usual fecundity. That's 'cause we're busy hanging with the homies during the challenging camp – school hiatus, and trying to earn a crust. (If you're suffering sarcasm withdrawl, please note that Robert Farago's reviews now appear on a weekly basis on and in the ghetto known as 'User Reviews' on Same cars, different jokes.) Meanwhile…

TTAC has recently been voted 'Best of the Web' by Forbes magazine (official watermark to follow). We've also crested the 3k per day visitor ratio, and have a stunning four minute per visitor hang time. We'd love to expand our coverage in all directions, but we need cash money to do so. We're looking for a single advertiser to help us grow. Someone with vision, money, respect for our editorial independence, money, a cool-looking ad and money. Interested parties please apply by email to Thanks.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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