By on September 23, 2010

Americans generally just don’t take too well to tiny cars. Perhaps they’re too much like toys, not really yet grown up? The Metropolitan certainly looks the part, resembling an amusement park ride or clown car rather than a genuine automobile a self-respecting grown-up American would drive. And this particular Metro only reinforces that stereotype: it’s owner is fourteen, and he’s owned it since he was ten. “Dad, can I have this cool car?” (Read More…)

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  • stingray65: GT – you got it. All those “fancy” features are designed in since almost everyone wants...
  • mason: It is interesting that you think you know better than a major OEM. GM, FCA,and Mazda are all bringing new...
  • ajla: Maybe. How much are you charging for it?
  • Mandalorian: I like the Land Cruiser, but I’d rather have it similar to the Tundra SR5. Cloth seats, black...
  • GoHuskers: How about a no frills Bentley? Note – luv the 60s era GM “Air Conditioned” tag.

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