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2015-Mercedes-Benz-GLA45-AMG-04Tacky graphics, redline wheels, hotglued industrial adhesive attached spoiler and painted red calipers. I know this is an AMG, but can we tone down the try-hard looks? There’s a reason successful young Mercedes-Benz buyers don’t shop at Autozone for “accent pieces”, and it is not because they want the junk factory-installed.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 45 AMG (X 156) 2013
In production form, it’s a neat and tidy take on the small cross-over segment. It rides on the same platform as the CLA45 AMG, and shares the drivetrain. What it packs is a 2L turbo four with 355 horse power and a stout 332 ft lb of torque at around 2,000 RPM (thanks to a twin-scroll, variable vane turbo). Through a 7 speed dual clutch transmission, this translates into 4.8 second 0-to-60 times. The rest of the car is standard AMG affair with larger cross-drilled brakes, your choice of 19-inch or 20-inch wheels with 235mm wide tires, and unique suspension tuning. You can look at the CLA45 AMG to see how well this equipment all works out.

That said, it will still probably sell to house wives who wanted the top-trim GLA hatch.

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11 Comments on “NAIAS 2014: Mercedes GLA45 AMG misses SEMA, Debuts In Detroit...”

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    For the record, I’ve seen many young Merc drivers personalize their sleds with AutoZone vents, chrome door trim, extra alphanumeric code, etc.

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      You know you’re spoiled when you feel the need to re-decorate a Mercedes.

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      Logged in to post this. Beat to the punch.

      I would argue that the typical young Merc buyer is even more of a try-hard than most shoppers in the same income bracket. I feel like Jack B wrote an excellent article on this type of consumer and the crap watches they buy.

      Affordable leases on entry-level luxury does not taste-maker make.

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    That side stripe is ridiculous. It looks like something a teenager would paint on the side of his Ford Focus to make it look like it has a scoop of some kind on the side.

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    We found a pig in our line-up, quick! Get the lipstick! The paparazzi are here!

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    Can we drop the “housewives” descriptor of car buyers, already? If the car is predominately bought by women, then “housewives” is chauvinist. If the car violates a standard of masculinity, then “housewives” is sexist in the way that it is used here. I assume men also buy these cars with a frequency that is similar to if not greater than the frequency with which women buy these cars. (Or the frequency that “men buy them for their housewives”.)

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      Sorry, but this follows in the footsteps of the GLK and the only men I’ve ever seen purchase a GLK has been in a Mercedes Financial lane at a Manheim auction.

      If the heel fits…

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    Another 4-door 4 cylinder turbo crossover with Mazinger 7 styling, why would I buy this over a cheaper HondaYota model?

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    There must be like zero room in the hatch/trunk area. If you’re going to make a crossover version of something, at least give it the room to carry some stuff.

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      I keep hoping they’ll announce a B45 AMG (since all the pieces are there), but I doubt they’ll ever ship the B over to the US, so I’m not holding my breath for Canada to get anything greater than the cheapass special.

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