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Sébastien-Loeb-and-Peugeot-Shatter-Record-at-Pikes-Peak-placement-626x382. Photo courtesy CarandDriver.comIt’s been a bad week for PSA, but at least they’ve got something to celebrate about. French driver Sebastian Loeb, behind the wheel of a Peugeot 208 T16, broke the record for the fastest time up Pikes Peak, at 8 minutes, 13.878 seconds, beating the old record by 92.286 seconds.

The 208 T16, which bears no mechanical resemblance to the 208 road car, pushes 875 horsepower through all four wheels. Peugeot is no stranger to Pikes Peak – nearly a quarter century ago, a Ari Vatanen attacked the mountain in a 405 T16. Loeb, who has traditionally driven Citroen cars in WRC, has leapfrogged over Vatanen to cement himself as one of the legends of the course. Dare I say he may even be the most complete driver of all time? Somewhere, Ken Block is plotting a way to steal the limelight back from Loeb.


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12 Comments on “Sebastian Loeb Shatters Pikes Peak Record, Gives PSA Something To Celebrate...”

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    Well Block would have a much easier go since the road is paved all the way to the top now. It’s been that way for just this and last year’s races.

    Not to take anything away from Loeb. His skills and that car pulled off an amzing run.

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    Ken Block would require a helicopter to beat Loeb to the top of Pike’s Peak. There simply isn’t anyone faster on a pavement rally stage than Loeb.

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    See 7 up

    Ken Block is a talented driver and did well in the US circuit, but on the international level he is outgunned. He is popular though, and that sells sponsorships which is almost as important, if not more than, winning given that you win to promote sponsorship.

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      I wholeheartedly agree with this. Ken Block is a fine driver and good at selling fizzy drinks, but Loeb is a soul-crushingly consistent rally legend. His wiki sums it up well: “Continuing with Citroën, he went on to take a record ninth consecutive world title in 2012. Loeb is a tarmac expert, having won all but three WRC rallies on that surface since 2005.” I was fortunate enough to witess Loeb’s run on Sunday and I’d love to see more WRC drivers step up to take a swing at The Mountain.

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    I know there is very little similarity from the 208 t16 to the humble 208 hatchback but I still think it fun to quote “Pikes Peak record decimated by a Frenchman in a French sub compact hatchback”… Mostly just to annoy people.
    Well done to the whole team! I believe they have changed the game.

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      …he better than decimated it: he cut somewhere between one-sixth and one-seventh from the old record…he duo-tredecimated it?..

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      Yeah I totally love annoying people by telling them that Toyota Camrys are 200mph+ capable, the only thing that bothers me is that I don’t personally know anyone stupid enough to take the bait – even for a second. I’d be immediately dismissed as a total imbecile. How’s it going for you though?

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    Loeb is a great driver but he gives Kimi Raikkonen a run for the least charismatic race car driver in a major series.

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      I think they both have a really dry wit and are pretty funny. Loeb’s pre-race interviews from a few weeks ago are amusing.

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      juicy sushi

      They’re not the most camera-friendly personalities, but Mika Hakkinen was the same. He also rode a unicycle to driver’s meetings aand arm-wrestled Ron Dennis, but that isn’t something which fits into a post-race interview.

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      Schumacher was no natural born Entertainer, either. Driving at the very top international level is getting to be such a precision art these days, I suspect we will see fewer and fewer of the old school flamboyants at the top. It’s a bit like Poker. Used to be a bunch of rather colorful personalities to say the least. Now it’s grad students covered in size XXXXXL sun glasses, popping beta blockers to appear as pale and catatonic as humanly possible.

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