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Anyone looking for an AMG R63, the rarest modern Mercedes-Benz product of all time, look no further. There’s one for sale outside of Toronto for the low price of just $33,995. Plus you get to have dinner with me if you buy it (not really, but you should give me a call if you decide to take possession of it). You can view the ad here. Paging Mr. DeMuro…

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28 Comments on “For Sale: AMG’s Rarest Unicorn...”

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    Wild. Gotta be the cheapest “63 AMG” that runs. Unfortunately it’s the same color as that damn station wagon I had. We know there’s less than 70 of these in the US – how many do you think are in Canada? Like five?

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    Cannot tell a lie. I have wanted one of these since 08 when I test drove one at the local MB dealer. I bought my CX9 instead due to just being do darn costly at the time. Shame it never caught on.

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    I was told that the C63AMG Black series is slightly rarer than the R63, fwiw.

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    I kind of like these also, especially the facelifted version. If I ever needed a “minivan”, I’d go for one. An E63 wagon similar to the one featured not too long ago would suffice as well.

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    This car’s been on my list since my son was born! Why are you selling it? How much does it cost / how challenging is it to register it in the U.S.?

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    thats one fast cat

    The reason they are so rare: no one wanted one when they were new because the R class is a complete bunch of cr@p.

    Of the 30+ cars that I have owned, this is by far the absolute worst. Our 2006 R500 with 80K miles (and always serviced at an MB dealership since it is the better half’s) has interior fit an finish issues that make me pine for a mid 80’s hyundia, eats moving mechanical parts like a lemons racer, while all the while getting gas mileage that makes Saudi Sheiks smile.

    You know that it missed the mark when the kids ask that we take the Town and Country because, and I quote “it is significantly more comfortable than mom’s car.”

    At least the R63 probably won’t be afflicted with sluggish acceleration.

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    I had a silver Bluetec diesel one of these that pissed me off to no end. For utility it was awesome and I would get 30mpg on the highway (have pics to prove it) – the problem was at 78K miles even going to the dealership regularly it needed about 9K worth of work from bad fuel lines to transmission sensor (it would pop out of gear) – Summary story got rid of it

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    Just wait till you have to spend $1600 on tires and brakes. $200 on an oil change.

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    I think it would be cheaper and more useful in the long run to purchase an old Astro conversion van and put an LS-X in it. :-)

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    …aww man, if this had come up two months ago it would have been a sorely tempting alternative to my mazda 2…

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    Hope they throw in a money printing press, you’re gonna need it. Unfortunately, they’ll probably just leave a bag of suckers in the glove box with your name on it.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I have seen a couple of AMG R63’s on the streets of NYC as well as a few of the more plebeian R350 and 500’s as livery’s.

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    i have seen couple of this branded cars before but it was the rarest one
    used cars in india

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    There is one of these in my neighborhood and I thought they simply put aftermarket badges on it… didn’t know it really existed!

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    I would LOVE to take it out of your hands. but sadly cant afford it now.

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