Photo by Thomas Kreutzer

Photo by Thomas Kreutzer

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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

    CJinSD - Back when I was into BMW’s, Carl at La Jolla Independent BMW Service told me that there was a guy that rented a service bay from him for the purpose of...
  • Re: Behold, The Leafamino

    Da Coyote - True enough, but an exchange system is still something that might actually prove viable. This would require some sort of standardization amongst the manufacturers...
  • Re: Toyota Boosting Capacity To Crank Out More Tacomas

    DenverMike - The Tacoma basically has the whole midsize pickup market to itself, but you you expect its share to grow substantially once new completion...
  • Re: Captives To Face CFPB Oversight

    crazycarlarry - If that is the case they sure fought hard against it, and against Elizabeth Warren who championed it.
  • Re: TTAC Salutes The Lincoln Motor Company

    jrasero23 - 1. Quattro is great buy 95% of buyers don’t actually need four wheel drive. 2.If the Quattro or even Audi name is the reason you are buying a...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1984 Maserati Biturbo

    greaseyknight - I checked this VIN and the other Bi-Turbo in Autocheck, Carfax, and the CA DMV Smog and nothing. Wonder if they VIN’s get scrubbed when the car...
  • Re: Behold, The Leafamino

    bosozoku - Because the battery packs weigh a few hundred pounds and cost a few thousand dollars. Plus, I hardly trust to exchange a propane tank, let alone the battery system for my...
  • Re: Behold, The Leafamino

    Dr. Kenneth Noisewater - Where’s the gun rack?
  • Re: TTAC Salutes The Lincoln Motor Company

    jrasero23 - I think the review was pretty unfair since in my experience the quality control was an isolated incidence. A course the MKZ has had some recalls which...
  • Re: Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Coast to Coast 2014 – Charleston SC

    theswedishtiger - Unless you go to the forgotten coast. Appalachacola

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