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  • Re: Say Hello to Your New Moderators

    JimZ - They just plain sucked. I’ve seen teams suck before but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    gtemnykh - Dang, I would have walked as soon as I saw the car! If an SSEI is what you were after, that’s a common enough car that simply waiting around a bit,...
  • Re: After Ford Calls it Quits In Indonesia, Dealers Tell Company to Pay Up

    Crash Team Racing - Ford is already has a presence in India for almost 30 years
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    jerseydevil200 - agreed. 66 years for me.
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - My friend had a Civic stolen and stripped in San Antonio. Police caught them red handed, parts and contents in the yard of the thief. Charged and convicted. 4 years...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - Unless you are in Oakland. http://www.nytimes.com/2016/06 /28/us/a-young-prostitute-poli ce-scandals-and-a-rocky-renais sance-in-oakland.html?&...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    garuda - Even worse. No need for a gun there. At worst, you were stolen a $1500 car, but with an ebay/paypal account and a phone number to take to the police. Or you can say no...
  • Re: PSA: Change Your Passwords

    celebrity208 - This. This is why my original account used a netzero.net email address. But then oh no, TTAC doesn’t believe that anyone with an obscure email address could...
  • Re: A Tale of Craigslist Wheels

    multicam - Holy crap! Pretty sure you could have saved about $320. $500 buys a lot of meth.
  • Re: Say Hello to Your New Moderators

    Paragon - Been reading/viewing this site for quite a number of years. And, on an almost daily basis. You may not know me, but I feel like I know most all of you as I have...

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