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Here’s Volkswagen’s replacement for the Routan – since that didn’t quite turn out the way VW wanted it to. This one won’t be based on the expensive Touraeg platform. It will probably be derided by the press as further evidence of VW losing its way, while selling in significant volumes. Onwards to 1 million units in 2018! I’ll get some live shots if I don’t fall asleep during the typically dry press conference.

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14 Comments on “Volkswagen’s Routan Replacement...”

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    That’s a ridiculously-sized (small) greenhouse and (massive) wheels. But I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being and assume that the real thing won’t be as extreme as the artist’s sketch …

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    New strategy for manufacturers. Watch what internet folks say. If the loudmouths love an upcoming car, scratch it. Cancel it swiftly, nobody will buy it. If the loudmouths hate an upcoming car, full speed ahead. Double down on it.

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    This is not a Routan replacement, it’s just a (larger) SUV. This “strategy” may look good in a spreadsheet, but it is mediocre in reality. This is exactly what GM did with their Traverse-size crossovers/SUVs/whatever. GM tried to duplicate a minivan’s benefits for the fragile egos who cannot bring themselves to own a minivan. While the Traverse is okay as a smaller Suburban, it is NOT as packaging efficient as a minivan, at 1000lbs more weight.

    And yes… hate the huge wheels.

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      And yet people are buying them. The large crossover was a segment that–despite the ire of some of the enthusiasts here–needed to be created. For people who needed a lot of space but wouldn’t be caught *dead* in a minivan, there were no real alternatives short of a full-on BOF SUV with much higher ownership costs. And really, is there anything wrong with someone not wanting a minivan?

      It was actually a very smart move on GM’s part to create that whole Lambda platform, especially since people weren’t buying their horrid U-body minivans anyhow. I respect the General even more for not trying to put a Cadillac on that platform and just stopping with the Buick…

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        As the proud owner of a minivan, I find the idea of forgoing the practicality of sliding doors and higher MPG for a perceived sense of fashion to be silly and wasteful. Especially since I don’t know very many people who share THAT fashion sense.

        Unless you actually do have to plow your own driveway several months a year….. And back when I had to do that, I just used my dad’s tractor and drove a Honda Accord, and it was fine.

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    Polar Bear

    Enough already, you car designers. What is the fun of driving a car with monster truck wheels and slits for wimdows?

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    Stop messing around and just bring over the Sharan.

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    Speaking as someone born *after* the Jurassic period, that car does look pretty sweet. But unless the people at Volkswagen plan on fitting it with a whole arsenal of backup cameras and blind-spot sensors (and they won’t, because they’re cheap) that D-pillar needs to be narrowed significantly. I don’t like having to guess at whether or not I’m about to sideswipe someone…

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    let’s be realistic: it’s going to be a USM Passat wagon with a high greenhouse, and extra coil in the springs, and maybe some black plastic bumpers. That works well in the US

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    VW teased us with that wonderful Bulli concept, twice, was it? They already have practical and efficient minivans over the pond. But we have to wait for some hulking thing that looks like a Chrysler 300 wagon ran over a Dodge Caliber?

    My attitude towards Volkswagens now, if you love them as I do, is to buy the latest model you can stand, new or used with lowest possible mileage, and enjoy it for a long, long time. because I don’t like the way this is heading.

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    In what way does this not look exactly like a Grand Cherokee?

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