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Nissan EVP Takao Katagiri answering questions

Two days after Nissan announced dropping U.S. Leaf prices at the Detroit Motor Show, Leafs dropped in price also at home. At a press conference in Yokohama, dapper Nissan EVP Takao Katagiri announced that Leaf prices in Japan would be reduced by 280,000 yen ($3,150). 

Nissan EVP Takao Katagiri lowering prices

After Japanese government incentives of 780,000 yen ($8,830), prices of the lowest grade model can be as low as $25,000. As in the U.S., incentives by local communities can drop the prices even further. The JDM prices include tax, the U.S. prices don’t. The new prices go in effect on April 1, 2013. On the same day, the Japanese government incentives expire. Nissan hopes that they return at a similar level.

Leaf New JDM Prices
Grade List After Incentive
Leaf S $33,855 $25,016
Leaf X $38,470 $29,632
Leaf G $42,718 $33,879
Includes Tax

Unusual: Customer who will buy a Leaf before the new pricing goes in effect, even those who bought a Leaf after the refresh in November will receive a coupon that makes up for the difference. The coupon can be used to buy parts or services at your trusted JDM Nissan dealer.

Leaf New U.S. Prices
Trim MSRP After Incentive
LEAF S $28,800 $21,300
LEAF SV $31,820 $24,320
LEAF SL $34,840 $27,340

So far, Nissan has sold around 50,000 of the all-electric Leaf worldwide. Katagiri maintained the intrepid target of 1.5 million Leaf sold worldwide through fiscal 2016. That’s alliance-wide, including Renault and eventually Venucia. In November, Nissan sold 1,312 Leafs in Japan, in December it was 870. Leaf sales in the U.S. rose 1.5 percent last year to 9,819. Nissan’s target was 20,000.

Answering the question by CJinSD and gslippy, Nissan Spokesman Chris Keeffe says that the Leafs for the North American market will be made in Tennessee. Those for the Japanese market continue to be made at home in Oppama.

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6 Comments on “Nissan To Lower JDM Leaf Prices By $3,150...”

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    The US is only getting a $6,400 price cut, but probably from a lower level to start with. At $28,800 plus a $7,500 tax credit (not deduction) the electric Versa probably makes pure financial sense for certain commuters.

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      That’s not exactly accurate. The $6400 cut in the US applies to the ‘lowest level’ model, which in 2012 was the SV but in 2013 is the (newly-created) S, which also has much less content.

      The 2013 SV is dropping by $3380, and the SL is dropping by $2410.

      Nissan cleverly packaged the S to exclude cruise control. I hate when mfrs do this. In this case, it means you have to jump $2480 from the $28800 S model just to get cruise, even if you don’t care about the other stuff that comes with the SV.

      Even in local highway commuting, I use the cruise control a lot.

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    Are the Japanese market Leaves made in the US? That could explain the larger price reduction, since buying dollar goods with yen is more fun these days than vice versa.

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      Until now, I think all Leafs were made in Japan. Starting now, at least US Leafs will be made in Tennessee. I don’t know if Nissan will be exporting them to Japan or not.

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    Anyone seriously planning to buy an electric car, obviously has the financial means to maintain it and likely has a house or luxury condo to charge it – and would probably be more interested in owning a Tesla Model S or Fisker Karma.

    The LEAF is a FAILURE compared even to the Chevy Volt, so why would I ever want one? Even if they dropped the price to $5000, I seriously would just save my money for something better.

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