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It’s beginning to look at lot like than unmentionable holiday period, except where I am at the moment. But even in heathen China, the restaurant was full with cute waitresses with even cuter Santa hats today. Air China treated me to the full panoply of You-Know-What carols, from “O Come All Ye Faithful” all the way to “Silent Night”. It’s a strange world where one must fly to a communist country to hear “O Christmas Tree” without recrimination.

This being an international site, with readers and editors in all corners of the world, we celebrate this occasion in our traditional nondenominational style.

The editors of Thetruthaboutcars wish our readers a joyous Constitution Day in Micronesia, a roaring Santuranticuy in Peru, a happy Stedry den in the Czech Republic, we wish you cheerful Las Posadas in Mexico, a red, white, and blue Washington’s Birthday in the US, and a red-on-white Emperor’s Birthday in Japan. Happy Fete des Membres to our friends in Haiti, a crackling Constitution Day in Taiwan, and whatever you do on Family Day in Angola. We celebrate Jinnah’s Birthday with our friends in Pakistan and Annual Sports Day with our two readers in the Falkland Islands. Our gloves come off for Boxing Day, and back on for the Day of Goodwill in South Africa. We wish a rowdy Junkanoo to our island buddies. Y’all have a splendid St. Stephen’s Day, and may you enjoy whatever one does on a Zartusht – No – Diso.

We also wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Over and between the holidays, our usual high volume reporting will slow to a festive trickle. There isn’t much news anyway at that time. If there are monstrous news, we’ll set down the eggnog and write about it. Our friends in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are already enjoying the perfect present from the calendar: Two weeks of holidays by taking just five days off.

After we have recovered, we will hit the new year with verve. I will convince Frau Schmitto-san that it is still way too iffy for a Japanese National to be in China, and we will go back to Tokyo to cover the insanities of the Tokyo Auto Salon. Think SEMA Dekotora-style, and you will be halfway there. Derek will trade frigid Toronto with longjohn Detroit and cover the Detroit Auto Show.

And before we forget: This month is Stress Free Family Holiday Month, along with Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month: We want you all back, safe, sound, and witty as ever in the new year.

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