By on August 18, 2012

After I visited the Brain-Melting Colorado Junkyard last month, I couldn’t stop thinking about the car project I’ve been wanting to build more than any other (including even a Zaporozhets with a Tatra V8 swap, and that’s saying something) in recent years: a 1940-1954 American sedan with well-aged patina, 21st-century Detroit V8, manual transmission, and modern suspension and brakes. So, last weekend I returned to the largest assortment of cars from that era that I’ve ever seen, to get some ideas. While wandering around, looking at Kaiser Virginians and Buick Specials, I glanced up and saw the scene in the above photograph.
That got me thinking about my friend Walker Canada‘s great artwork, and the “Junkyard Treasure” graphic he designed for the Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand™ website a few years back. And, as a gift from the MMLB™ to you, I’ve added a downloadable desktop-wallpaper-sized version of the Junkyard Rainbow photograph (in case you’ve become tired of the Junkyard Wallpaper and Thrown Rod Wallpaper files you already have lowering the property values of your workplace computer). Enjoy.

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9 Comments on “Junkyard Treasure!...”

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    Me thinks the visual clash between the rainbow and the rust is too much of a stretch.

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    I wonder if in 40 years time anybody will be looking across a sea of junked beige CamCords with any sort of nostalgic affection.

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      Our kids might, perhaps.

      A ratrodded camcord could include all of the power, badassness, and grungieness that they thought it had when they were 2…!

      But those of us who’ve actually driven them will remember them for the dependable appliances they were.

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    I am getting tired of reading about this junkyard of dreams and not knowing where this place is. C’mon Murilee, at least give us a hint. Some of us in Colorado would like to check this out in person also!

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    Nice shot there MM!

    I still think your ’65 Chevy art car was quite the badass in its day and so unlike most art cars I’ve seen, in the flesh as well as in photos.

    It was a real, liveable art car that you could drive without worrying about the stuff falling off it. :-)

    Besides, I think it said more about art cars than most art cars could ever dream of.

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    Hey Murilee, I once saw one of those old fastback Buicks out of the late 40’s, I think, painted a brilliant silver. It was really cool. I thought it would be perfect to tow an old Airstream trailer.

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    I hope you’re not taking advice on what car to restore from that rainbow. It seems to have selected the turquoise “suddenly it’s 1960” Plymouth sedan. Not even a hard top.

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    oh god.. that art is pink!!!!

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