By on August 3, 2012

I have attracted the attention of our technical people to the plight of  smartphone users. YOU can be instrumental in bringing TTAC to a new smartphone glory.

So that whatever needs to be fixed will be fixed, please:

  • State what you are using (i.e. iPhone, Android, what version
  • Where do you have a problem (i.e. viewing site, entering comments, editing comments)
  • What is the problem

Pleas be specific, they are coders, not mind readers. Thank you!


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38 Comments on “Got Problems With TTAC On Smartphones?...”

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    Sam P

    No problems viewing or using on an iPhone 4, but if we could eventually get a site view optimized for mobile devices, that’d be great.

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      Same here. Not problems, really, but it could be a lot better (less data to load, comment entry improvement, etc). That is the singular thing AB does better than TTAC.

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        juicy sushi

        I use a Samsung Gaslaxy S on Android and would have to say the same. I’ve never had a problem with TTAC, but a mobile-specific view would be appreciated (so long as I could still comment).

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      I’m on an iPhone 4s and I have no problems. At all! I don’t need a mobile version.

      If you’re on an iPhone, wait until the post you want to read loads, then push the Reader button next to the refresh button in the URL bar.

      This magic button converts webpages to mobile-friendly for reading. The font size stars off much larger and can be made smaller or bigger. The text is wrapped to the width of your screen (landscape or portrait). It also pulls in the images and makes the appropriate sized but still enlargeable. It also pulls out all the ads.

      Safari on computers has this button, too!

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    Athos Nobile

    I’ve got an Xperia X10 without having updated it, so it must be Android 2.1

    The ads that slide within the pictures are HIGHLY annoying. I honestly think it’s a virus.

    The upper bar doesn’t stay at the top and might be found in the middle of the page while scrolling.

    I never comment from the phone, so I can’t say much about that.

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    I use my PS3 on occasion, but I’m too dumb for a smartphone.

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    I don’t have any problems on iPhone or iPad 2, however a mobile optimized site would be great.

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    Reading via the Android browser on my Moto Droid Razr is on the small side so have to zoom in to comfortably read anything as it’s not optimized for smartphones that way.

    If you have an app for TTAC on smartphones, they need to be advertized so we know they exist, otherwise, it’d be great to have something optimized for interaction (and reading) of TTAC while on our phones.

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    …those little image rollover banners are exceedingly difficult to dismiss and view the underlying image on iOS devices: the X icon is overlaid by the vibrant adchoices information delta, leaving a target only one or two pixels wide and nearly impossible to accurately click with fingertips on a touchscreen…unfortunately, enlarging the image to provide a clickable target isn’t much help either, as massively-oversized partial images redisplay their rollover banner sporatically at best and usually not at all, leaving no target to click through the banner, which subsequently reappears as soon as the image is scaled back down to page-navigable size…

    …on an more general note, TTAC HTML is so crusty and encumbered as to render the site nearly unusably-slow on a first-generation iphone, enough so that i don’t bother visiting when i’m mobile…your content is outstanding enough to keep me coming back, but you’re long past-due for a major redesign/code overhaul…

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    I read on an iPhone. mostly through an RSS reader, but if I visit the sight, the two column layout doesn’t really work well for a small screen.

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    I am using an HTC Trophy with Windows Phone 7.5. It seems to work well except for the pages taking well up to a minute at times to fully load and be readable.

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    i read the site on my iphone, was using safari but the switch to mobile chrome works as well (actually mobile chrome is really great especially if you are already a chrome/gmail user). although, i can read small print very well, and also have a retina display. i can see how it would be a little tough without those two factors..

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      Interesting note: Chrome on iOS is basically Safari, save the more advanced Nitro JS engine. It’s not Chrome’s V8 JS engine that you’d find on other platforms.

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    Droid Razr Maxx
    Android 4.0.4
    4.3″ Screen
    Google Chrome Mobile Browser




    Overall this site is not too bad on my smartphone though you do have to zoom in to be able to easily read items. My suggestion is to ditch everything on the right hand side of the page for mobile users (google custom search bar and everything below). Then rejigger the adverts so that they are interspersed between articles. This way you have one nice column we can use and keep eyes on the $$.

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    Freddy M

    LG Optimus LG-P999
    Android 2.2.2
    Opera Mobile Browser

    Only major concern as noted above is having to zoom in a bit to read comfortably.

    Other than that, no problems loading, no banner pop ups, no advert issues, and commenting every now and then is ok, no issues.

    I second the motion on a TTAC App! :)

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      It’s a real pity that WordPress has no support from Tapatalk, which would allow for exactly that.

      I use a bunch of devices and the consistent trouble I have is:
      * Text entry, which can be kind of draggy. This is much better than it used to be.
      * The pop-under-image ads are troublesome, in that they’ll stutter scrolling and are too easy to accidentally click.
      * The permanent WordPress bar at the top is occasionally “stuck” mid-page and/or causes scrolling issues and/or takes a click.

      I’ll do some proper testing some evening this week. If I recall, it seems to do best on a Nokia Lumia, and suffers badly on mid- and low-end Android phones. It’s also not so hot on Android tablets.

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        just testing on a Galaxy S2 X running Android 4.0.3 in Chrome:

        The text box for posting doesn’t resize to fit the screen and can’t be scrolled. Resizing (pinch zoom) helps

        That wordpress bar obscures the screen and occasionally takes clicks and expands. If you’re zoomed in this is a pain.

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        Freddy M

        I’m not experiencing any of the problems you’re mentioning. But I think it has something to do with the archaic version of Android I’m running.

        So I hope the tech wizards don’t do anything to leave me in the dust :(

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    My iPhone 4S does fine on the site, just a little slow at times.

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    iPhone 4

    1. Picture viewing is hard. When I am zoomed in enough to read the text of an article, if I click on a picture, it is off to the side of the screen and I can’t move it to the center.

    2. Everything loads very slowly, even on Wifi.

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    I’ll echo some previous comments, I’m on an iPhone 3GS.

    1. The site works fine.
    2. A mobile-optimized site would be awesome.
    3. check out Jalopnik’s implementation, i know being part of the Gawker group they probably have a much larger budget, and economies of scale due to the amount of sites under the umbrella, but their mobile site works very well IMHO.

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    I am a fan of the clean site layout but I would suggest two improvements:

    1. Create dedicated mobile templates that are in single column format and use a different picture viewer to accommodate smaller screens.

    2. Have a serious discussion with our hosting provider as to the performance of the site. Sometimes pages can take up to 20 seconds to load which is way over the acceptable limit.

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    BlackBerry bold 9650 with 6.0 through VZW 3G. This is probably the slowest of any auto or general news related. I do tend to not run Javascript and will shut off pictures for super fast responses.

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    iPhone 5.1.1 on the full site.

    Sometimes your link bar moves along down the page, and the text keeps going back to the same spot over and over as more and more ads finally load. Using the reader feature is the fix which means the ads get hidden.

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    The only problem I have is that the ads on the sidebar are extremely slow to load on my Android phone and my iPad. The iPad is even more maddening because everytime I switch tabs and go back to TTAC is reloads the page beause the ads have to refresh. I imagine the only way to get rid of that would be to get rid of the ads on a mobile site, so not sure that will be possible. Maybe ads with less stupid images and graphics that no one here will click on anyway?? You surely know by now that internet ads don’t work.

    But if you decide to do a mobile site, PLEASE give us a link to go to the full site if we choose. Nothing I hate more than a site that auto-senses my device and then refuses to let me use the full site if I so choose.

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    I have an Android Samsung Epic 4G running “Gingerbread.” My provider is Sprint. The site always loads fine, but it burns up my battery. In about 10 minutes, I have 50% life remaining. I believe there is too much data to load. Even on my computer, the pages take forever to load.

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    My issues are on my laptop. Typing can be slow to register, and the newest annoyance is the video ads, which are seemingly impossible to silence.

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    yeah also if this is kind of a housekeeping thread, I know this might be kind of complicated change, but it would be awesome to improve the comments section a bit. two things that i’m probably not alone in wanting:

    1. some sort of way to find out if someone replied to one of your comments, without having to continually look through that post

    2. a user comment history. which, again I realize might be a big ask but it would be cool..

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    Port the whole site, I and I mean the whole thing, over to another platform. Any platform. Even Slashdot.

    I really can’t say I’m in love with WordPress.

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    How about just making an ap? AB has one that works very well, easy to read, scroll, etc.

    Between you and my bank, I just want to be able to open my stuff without saving links, favorites, typing addresses, etc.

    I know I’m lazy but kinda surprised nobody said the word “ap”.

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    LG Optimus, Android, Skyfire browser.
    Edited comments sometimes either don’t appear or pop up as a separate comment. Yes I’m aware of the time limit.
    To enlarge pics from a gallery I have to open a new window. Not a big problem, just an annoyance.
    Not about smart phones, just comments in general. I know about the no links rule. If nothing else it gets rid of the spambots that infest many other sites. But, is there a way to allow people to post a picture to better explain/show what they are talking about?

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    I use the reader function on my iPhone 4 and it works great, but the comments are cut off in that view. I just got a retina iPad and it seems to work well.

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    Would it be so terrible to allow for photos? Even res restricted ones so as not to slug thing down? Cars are a passion for many of us here and photos can easily be used to make points in the comment section. No offense meant – as the content is what makes the site – but the platform is ready for some work.

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    I have an iPhone 4. I normally don’t check this page on my phone, largely because the operation is so clumsy. The load times take forever, the text is inevitably too small so I have to zoom in, and clicking the link right can be challenging. I never even bothered with comments. AB’s app works great. My only complaints are sometimes embedded videos won’t play, and I wish it would interface with the facebook app so I could share stories on there instead of having to go through Facebooks clumsy mobile site.

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    BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry OS 6. The site doesn’t show very well and is difficult to navigate, and sometimes crashes the phone :(

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    I know this is an old post, but I thought it was the best way to communicate on the subject. This weekend 2 other sites I read… Hooniverse and Curbside Classics… have started using a mobile site and it works PERFECTLY. Please check it out and consider using the exact same setup for the TTAC mobile site.

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