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A little-known paragraph in most press-car loaner agreements states that “The vehicle may not be used for competitive purposes.” When you buy your own cars, however, you can do whatever you like. Our (not-so-much-of-a-)mystery contributor, Bark M., wanted to get an SCCA event under his Mustang’s belt before the temp tags ran out. He drove it back to back with an AP1 Honda S2000, and perhaps we’ll get some impressions from him in the near future.

But the question remains? What’s wrong with this picture?

Here’s another shot of the car, just to help you figure it out:

That’s right! He’s got painter’s tape on the bumper of the car. Who does that? I’m telling our mother. On the other hand, painter’s tape, although d-baggish to the extreme, can provide protection in the most extreme circumstances:

Should have put some on the ROOF!

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15 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: We Pay For The Tires Edition...”

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    It just means the car’s more for show than go.

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      No, it just means that he wants to protect his investment … and his Boss 302 paint job. If you’ve ever chunked a bunch of rubber onto your quarter-panels and tried to get it off without damaging a nice paint job, you’d know why he did it.

      As a general rule, I find that folks who voice the strongest opinions about how somebody else conducts themselves in motorsports are often the ones who have the least understanding of it. A lot of the things that experienced people do when competing in even autocross events come from taking their lumps as they got that experience.

      I’ve been guilty of that myself. I used to remark about guys who would tow their autocross rides when they could just drive them to events. That is, until I broke my car 150 miles away from home. Then I understood what trailering cars to autocross events was all about.

      By the way , looking at him hazing the tires on an autocross course, I’d say that that guy — and his ride — are chock full of go …

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      (You know that this guy is an SCCA National Tour Autocrosser who had a set of O.Z. wheels and Hoosiers A6s for his RX-8?)

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    Who wants to fuck up the paint on the $45k something they just bought?
    At least he’s actually driving his track-oriented car in the manner it’s meant to be driven!

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      If its a DD it wont fair much better, my DD GT500 has several knicks in the paint and vinyl stripes due to rocks getting kicked up off the road by other cars. I just treat them like fingerprints.

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    Wasn’t there some bit of Baruthian fiction about clear-bra on a Ferrari bumper not that long ago?

    That stuff on the bumpers would look much better than $12 worth of 3M blue tape.

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      Jack Baruth

      Uh huh:

      The 3M bumper film is serious business. I had a bottle of Super Blue leak out of my front trunk on my Boxster, and it promptly removed the paint between the trunklid edge and the clear bra but didn’t so much as stain the clear bra.

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      Clear bra application costs a bit more than $12, however…

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    Hot Mustangs tend to collect cones on the AutoX so maybe the tape makes good sense. I don’t know about the tape on the back though, just what has he got planned?

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      Jack Baruth

      Bark’s one of those guys who either sets a great time or collects six cones. I’ve been to a couple of National events with him where he didn’t get a clean run.

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      I hear people boast they ‘didn’t hit a single cone all day’ at auto-x events all the time. It’s the mark of a loser. If you aren’t ‘using the whole track’ and risking the occasional cone, you’re leaving time on the table.

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    Jim Fekete

    Cones leave marks on bumper fascia. I know this for a fact….

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    The cool orange pin striping on the corners of my front bumper were cool for all of 2 minutes. If the nice lady in the parking lot hadn’t backed her Honda Odyssey’s license plate screw into and across the same bumper I’d still be looking at those stripes. Wish I’d known about painters tape…

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    “Pro Tapes has discontinued Pro-Gaff in Kodak Yellow and no inventory now remains.”

    That’s what’s wrong, and it would drive a person to using painter blue tape…

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    You should check out

    Also there is, but I have heard some complaints about it.

    Either way, much cheaper than 3M clear bra but not ugly like painters tape. Although on a $45k Mustang I would have gotten the clear bra added at the dealer for a grand or so, it would have been worth it.

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