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China is Porsche’s second largest market (behind the U.S.) and most of the Porsches shipped to the Middle Kingdom are Cayennes. No wonder that Porsche will choose the upcoming Beijing Auto Show to present a successor to its brutish GTS.

The 2013 Cayenne GTS received the Porsche-typical Modellpflege (model ministration): A little more of everything. It’s V8 powerplant now has 20 horses more for a total of 420 hp. The chassis is more tautly tuned. Forget a stick in the new GTS, it will come with an eight-speed Tip-tronic S with integrated auto start/stop function for when you get stuck in the Beijing traffic mayhem.

The Cayenne GTS will come to market in July 2012 with a price tag in Germany of €90,774 including value-added tax. Price in China? Don’t ask.

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    Remember way back when “Porsche GTS” meant a sports car? (Or at least a GT?) Those were the days. One would think that VW ownership would mean that Porsche could let go of the whole “sports cars are a cyclical market, we can’t survive without sedans and SUVs” argument, but one would apparently be wrong.

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      The sad thing is that it seems to be turning into the opposite. VW wants and expects Porsche to make very large profits, which they are capable of as long as they continue to evolve into a “full-line” automaker. In other words, as long as the marketing department can put a Porsche badges on 5,000 lb. SUVs.

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      Hildy Johnson

      Whether we like the Panameras and Cayennes of the world or not, they pay the bills at Porsche and sustain well-paying jobs.

      I seem to see at least five times more Cayennes than Touaregs on the road, and can’t imagine that a VW Panamera (a Beetle shape stretched to 6 meters may be?) would sell.

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    I like the old Cayenne GTS better.

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    “China is Porsche’s second largest market (behind the U.S.)”

    I can’t find the link offhand but while doing my morning browsing I saw a news item about China now being BMW’s biggest market.

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