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An angry owner of a Porsche Cayenne staged a massive protest at his local Porsche dealer in Shenzhen in Guangdong Province. He had bought a brand-new Cayenne two months ago for he astounding price of 2.7 million yuan, or $428,000 (at least that’s what he had told

Unfortunately, the Cayenne owner experienced a lot of trouble. The owner claims that the car’s problems made him almost crash on two occasions.

He took his Cayenne back to the dealer who promised to fix it, but the problems didn’t go away. He went back again, and again, but there was still no fix. In the end, the owner could not take it anymore. He rented a flatbed and hauled his SUV right in front of the dealer, flatbed covered with banners accusing the Porsche dealer of all kinds of bad, including discrimination… He also rented a crowd.

The owner argues that this sort of thing would never happen in the US or Germany. Therefore, he says, the Porsche dealership in China “discriminates against Chinese consumers”. Discrimination is a very sensitive thing in China and still appeals to many. Chinese people easily feel ‘discriminated against’ by ‘the West’.

According to reports in Chinese media the dealer tried to solve the problem by offering the angry owner a new Cayenne in exchange for his troubled car. The owner didn’t want another Porsche, and asked his money back.

Porsche reluctantly agreed, but only if the owner would sign a confidentiality agreement stating that he wouldn’t tell anyone why he gave his Porsche back. The owner refused to sign and the deal fell through.

As for now, there seems no solution in sight…

(ED: If I would have paid $428,000 for a Cayenne, I would want my money back also.)

Dutchman Tycho de Feyter runs, a blog about cars in China, from Beijing, China. He also collects die-cast models of Chinese cars.


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6 Comments on “Porsche Cayenne Owner Stages Massive Protest At Dealer In China...”

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    I woulda taken the cash.. Now he may come away with nothing.

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    So I discriminate against Chinese as well simply via my existence? I’ll have to add them to the list, it’s hard to remember everyone that I discriminate against.

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    Yeah, things are so great between car dealers/manufacturers and the public that most (all?) states in the US have lemon laws.

    I would have taken the cash and moved on and bought something else.

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    If they feel “discriminated” by the west than don’t purchase the overpriced western goods. BTW I’m sure the 99% of the Chinese population can probably relate to your pain of having issues with a $428,000 car. This person should just get a lawyer and stop whining or move to america if it makes him feel better.

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    First they offered to fix it. Then they offered him a new car. Finally they offered him a refund. Some people will never be satisfied.

    What will it take? An apology? From Porsche? Ain’t gonna happen.

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    I know people who have had VWs, Audis, and Porsches. I had a Mercedes Benz. The truth is, they build cars that are great for test drives, and that’s about it. They feature overly complex, shitty engineering, are beleaguered by electrical problems (and more) out of the starting gate, coupled with abysmal dealership experiences and outrageous parts prices. In short, if you buy one, you are a sucker. So there.

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