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Porsche chief Matthias Müller found a big gap in his program. A price gap. “It bugs me that the 911 stops at around €250,000, and then things start moving again with the 918 for €750,000,” Müller complains to the Süddeutsche Zeitung today. “Ferrari builds a comfortable and pretty much competition-free nest. We need to get in there.”

„In there“ will slot a new supersportscar, something like the 959 of the new millennium. Not much is known about the new car, except its price: between €250,000 and €450,000. The car is yet to be developed.  Albeit not a volume seller , the new supersport model will help to double Porsche sales from today around 100,000 units per year to 200,000.


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21 Comments on “Porsche Sees Red, Develops Ferrari-Killer...”

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    They should bring back the 904. Make it essentially a V8 powered Cayman with an updated version of the 904 body.

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      That is one pretty car, the 904. Is there a particular name for that kind of styling? (other than “Porsche-like”) The Ferrari Dino is similar, and the Porsche 718 I saw at the Porsche Museum as well. (

      I love my C4S, but the Maserati Grantourismo was a temptingly beautiful car, too. Seems to share DNA with the Ferrari California, both as evolutions of the 904/918/Dino styling.


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    I guess the Carrera GT went out of production…? Yes, I agree a spiritual successor to the 904 is a great idea! Or even a new “super” 928 on par with the LF-A. This is Porsche. Whatever they come up with, it will stand alone and make us weak in the knees when the cover is lifted and the specs are announced.

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    Ferrari is not in the best shape these days – flaming 458′s, accusations of providing only “Ringers” for the press, in latest comparos 599 has been kikced twice in the scrotum by Lexus LFA. So it’s a good moment for Porsche to step up and build a full line of competitors for Ferrari.

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    Having one product line stop at 250,000 then “get going again” at 750,000 would trouble most auto manufacturers.

    349,000 is a pretty good sweet spot as is 479,000 and 564,000 and 667,000. It really doesn’t matter what is built to fill those gaps, just get something out the door and people will come. Sales will double from 100,000 to 200,000 when this is all corrected.

    Does this help clarify why Porsche is in trouble?

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    918 probably costs about 75K Euro to make. Then sell at 1000% mark up. Talk about marketing to the gullible. Apple would be proud.

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    I think they need the new 4 cylinder “550″ more than a Ferrari fighter. Porsche is losing new entry level owners to other brands.

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    Isn’t VW competitor for Ferrari Lamborghini?

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    In a coincidence I happened to see a 959 today. I was taking pictures of the Lingenfelter collection. The 959 was sitting between a Carrera GT and what I think is a 935 Slantnose. Our editor has good taste, Lingenfelter also owns a M coupe. I think I saw one Japanese car there, a Nissan GT-R.

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    DarkhorseAugust 29th, 2011 at 4:42 pm
    I think they need the new 4 cylinder “550″ more than a Ferrari fighter. Porsche is losing new entry level owners to other brands.


    Porsche is currently working on a 4-cyl mill for the Boxster/Cayman.

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    Ferraris are boring. The 599 is not even on the same planet of cool as the 288 GTO. The 612 and the California are uggo. Really the 458 is the only good looking car they have.

    The Aventador is where it’s at, Lamborghini is back, big time.

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    C&D –

    EVO -

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    I hope Porsche realizes that styling expectations go up in that price range.

    No more Panamera, please, although what can they produce that will rival Ferrari in styling since everything, it seems, “has” to be some sort of derivative of the 911?

    They could make a super-sleek version of it. That might make the 911 seem dowdy and out-of-date, though. It’s supposed to be timeless styling, but one of these days it will fall out of fashion.

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