By on April 19, 2011

Remember the Brilliance A3 SUV that the German press called “a brazen BMW X1 rip-off, with inspirations from Audi?” After BMW spokesman Frank Strebe said that the matter would be taken up with their joint venture partner Brilliance, Strebe had said: “Maybe the vehicle won’t be at the show.”

Lo and behold, BMW showed its X1 in Shanghai. At the Brilliance booth however was no A3 to be seen. Instead, there was a gaping hole in the array of Brilliance cars. Asked about the matter, Strebe said his prediction was caused by “intuition.”

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5 Comments on “Shanghai Autoshow: The Vanishing Ripoff...”

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    I’m not shocked that Brilliance would simply Xerox an existing design. I’m also not shocked that they decided to leave the A3 out of the show, so as not to upset their partner BMW.

    What does surprise me is that they copied that awful s*** brown color of the X1! Maybe the auto show lighting is throwing it off, but it looks horrendous in the photo.

    Word to BMW: if you’re going to make a hideous car, at least paint it a pretty color!

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      It’s not sh*t brown, it’s somewhere between vomit and sh*t. But you’re right, it really is horrendous color.

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      Acc azda atch

      I absolutely completely disagree.
      The only paint colors BMW and the rest of the Germans can figure out.. is a dozen shades of shiny primer… dark blue and or black. There is NO COLOR in buying a GERMAN CAR.
      To find a brown in a shiny tint… is fantastic!
      What other color would you expect?!

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    Will you happen to have any interior shots of new M5?

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      I’ll have tons of exterior shots. Coming up later. Am sitting in the departure lounge of Shanghai Apt., internet connection butt slow. No interior shots.

      1.) That thing was tinted off darker than a triad boss’s daily driver.
      2.) No access.Tightly roped off. What am I saying:Metal barrier!

      My hunch is, the interior will come later. Or they did not want to ship it to China just yet.

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