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The attentive TTAC reader knew long before the Shanghai Auto Show what BMW would put on display. What they wanted to see were pictures of the inside of the M5 Concept. Attempts to fulfill that request were frustrated. First of all, access to the car is barred. A metal-glass barrier, along with an earpiece-toting muscular guard, make it impossible to fulfill the journalistic duty. Also, the glass of the car is heavily tinted. Not just from the side …

But also from the front. It is impossible to look inside. And most likely it is impossible to look outside also. My hunch: That concept doesn’t have an interior yet. Or maybe BMW did not want to send one to China just yet. It could appear in another car from another brand before the M5 ever goes on sale.

Other cars were much more accessible.

Long versions, such as this Siebener, are all the rage in China.

Don’t be fooled by the color of the Sechser convertible. The light was a bit pink.

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4 Comments on “Shanghai Auto Show: The Very Much Tinted M5 Concept...”

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    I guess if the front window wasn’t that tinted it could have been the Russian Market M5…?

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    Nope, it’s got an interior:

    BMW “concepts”, you should know by now, are the same as HondAcura’s: lightly disguised cars that will be coming out in 3-6 months.

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    interior of the car will be just like any other M car – more bolstering on seats, ///M button somewhere, thicker steering wheel, technical carbon fiber-look trim bits, oil temp in tach.  no reason to show an interior in a “concept”.  there is nothing unique or copyable from an M5 (or other BMW interior for that matter) which is worth concealing for IP reasons, they just didn’t want to bother.

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    Are there tires on the wheels of that tinted M5? Not that it would matter for noise and comfort.

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