By on April 4, 2011

Now this is a car where the Chinese will say:”Leave it right here.” If not, it could get impounded for – they’ll find something.  Premiering the BMW 6 Series Coupe in China is a shrewd move. It should sell quite well here. It’s the car for the man or the woman who has everything, including two other chauffeured cars. The slightly cramped rear of a fast coupe is big enough for a few children (the true sign of affluence in China.)

No other stats available, except that it comes with a Heads-Up Display and Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound.  They should bring it in this red. Chinese love red.

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7 Comments on “BMW Invades Shanghai, Wave 4: World Premiere Of The BMW 6 Series Coupe....”

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    The 6-series seems like a great car for people who want something like a 3-series, but prefer to pay more for the same thing.  In case you don’t want the neighbors to think that a 335 is all you could afford.

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      Actually the 6 series is for people who don’t give a damn if the neighbors can’t tell the difference between a 335 and a 6 series. If the previous 6 series looked this good, I would have bought it instead of the 335.The 6 convertible at the Detroit show was gorgeous, and this one looks even better in the pictures. I am sorely tempted to get a test drive in the first one that shows up at the dealer. I don’t care if it costs twice as much, and I don’t care who notices it.Bob

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    With regards to these debuts occurring in China, it’s an admission by car makers that without their Asian sales – there’s not going to be much gravy on their potatoes.

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    This car seems to have contracted a case of the disease known as “greenhouse shrinkage.” It’s a shame to see another car succumb to M1A2 Abrams styling.

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    It’s a beautiful car.

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    Robert Schwartz

    Rear views remind me of the 1990s Pontiac Bonneville.

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    It looks like the E63, before the droopy eyes and the fat ass.  So, in a word, better.  Although I still like the lines of the E24 the best.

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