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There’s a very difficult business case for this car. The hope here is not to create volume, but to create a flagship.

—Bentley CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen on his firm’s new Mulsanne flagship.

So when is the Toyota rebadge coming out?

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14 Comments on “Quote of the Day: Luxury Brand’s Burden Edition...”

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    “The hope here is not to create volume…”

    That should be pretty easy to achieve.

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    From the side, it looks a little like the abortive Packard project from the mid-nineties:

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    Are you listening Lincoln?

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    That front end has to be fixed — sad eyes and a smiling mouth?

    It reminds me of the fake smile of George Bush the elder.

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    It’s a horribly ugly car. I can’t believe that the same company that designed the recent Brooklands designed this. Possibly Bentley’s goal was to make something so ugly that the Chinese and Chrysler wouldn’t try to copy it.

    Everything else aside (like the horrible branding mistake), the Aston Martin Toyota iQ is a much better looking car.

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    That neat little winged emblem on the hood looks just like the emblem on my Genesis except that mine has the word “Genesis”. I actually had the wife of a car collector ask me the other day whether I like my Bentley.

    At least, my Genesis isn’t ugly like that Bentley.

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    Robert Schwartz

    I simply do not understand. Bentley is a unit of the VW group, why would they have a Toyota re-badge?

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    blue adidas

    “The hope here is not to create volume, but to create a flagship.”

    Way to spin low expectations. They’ll sell a few because it’s different than a ubiquitous Roller and more pricy than an “everyday” Flying Spur. But the reality is that the design of this car, the A-pillar forward mainly, appears disjointed. There’s excess detail in the headlamps and tearlike lights falling off to the sides. And that’s going to keep the demand (and therefore volume) way down. The trick in the luxury industry is to keep the demand very high and the supply very low. If both demand and supply are very low, then the car has failed. Elementary, I know. Bentley can do, and has done, better.

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    OMG that thing is ugly head-on. It’s got some kind of “morey eel” meets “evil clown face” vibe going on… and then a Bangle A*S at the rear, after BMW has all but abandoned the bustle back look…side profile is decent, but that’s about it.

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    too face like for me and the smaller lights are completely retarded, would look so much better without. i’m sure it will have great presence on the road though

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    That’s one ugly ‘fancy VW’. Front end reminds me of Stutz Blackhawk.

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    Kristjan Ambroz

    They probably do not want to sell too many, as they might loose money on each and every one ;)

    It will sell, though – primarily to the crowd who think the RR is just too show-off these days and who would prefer something more understated. ANd to be honest, the Bentley proportions on this one are much better than on the Phaeton derived Flying Spur / Conti GT, where the front overhang (to be minimal on a Bentley traditionally) is about the size of a small car. But using the Flying Spur / Conti GT rear light clusters is a proper crime against good taste and visual differentiation of the flagship against lower rungs from the same stable.

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    A Bentley that looks like a Chinese knock off of a Bentley. What next ?

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    Its about as horrible looking as the old Rolls Royce Camargue. And there I was thinking they were going to find a suitable successor to the Arnage…..Both Bentley and RR have gone downhill since having been bough out.

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