By on August 14, 2009

After a week-long hiatus, the TTAC daily podcast returns to action. We’re still waiting on a shiny new microphone for Mr. Farago to complete our audio makeover, but please let us know if we’re making progress on the audio-level issues that we’ve been hearing about. Meanwhile, enjoy.

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5 Comments on “(Not So) Daily Podcast: And We’re Back...”

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    Have you considered doing a weekly podcast instead of a daily podcast?

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    That Hybrid Caddy we covered at the NAIAS was actually propelled by an electric motor of some sort. You couldn’t see it (BM got a picture of me looking for the motor), the vehicle was slow, I assume it was a glorified golf cart put up for show.

    But, more to the point, it DID have a motor. :)

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    I’ll second what Blue387 asks. I don’t listen to podcasts on my PC, but I listen to a number of podcasts that I download once a week to my iPod. I quickly unscubscribe to any podcasts that turn out to be published more frequently than once or maybe twice a week, because that becomes just too many episodes to deal with (Yes, the small inconveniences matter.)

    Point being, if you did a once-a-week podcast I’d actually listen to it, FWIW. But I’ll never attempt to adopt the habit of listening to a daily podcast.

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    That’s right… GM needs to concentrate their junket money on TTAC writers. I’m available any time they want to fly me anywhere for a new model show and tell. Particularly if it involves Corvettes, V-series Caddies or a REAL test drive of the Volt.

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    Blue387 :
    Have you considered doing a weekly podcast instead of a daily podcast?

    I like that idea. I tend to ignore most of the daily ones, but if it was a weekly podcast (and longer), said podcasts would be a nice companion while driving (and texting/eating).

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