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Curious about the price tag on the current round of auto industry bailout mania? An updated TTAC Bailout Scorecard (pdf) is now available.

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    And if the current bailout bill passes close to the Senate form, there’s also the “above the line deduction on your taxes of interest on your car loan” provision that was just added to it, that will subsidize the car manufacturers and dealers as well.

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    How much is GM trying to hock Saab for? If it’s less than $3B, then the Swedish government may as well just ask for the keys.

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    Robert Frankfurter

    IN AMERICA, WE have a two-party system. There is the stupid party. And there is the evil party.

    Periodically, the two parties get together and do something that is both stupid and evil.
    This is called—bipartisanship.

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    I’m more curious about the price tag of the bailout of other industries, like the ones occupied by companies who tried to arrange expensive Las Vegas trips or are being forced to withdraw their naming rights from sports stadiums.

    But that’s just me.

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    Thanks for putting this together.

    The auto industry is one area when concentrated and specific help can actually positively affect the economy.

    Lots of countries have figured this out.

    So, buy American and help your fellow citizens!

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    I’m planning on buying American in mid-year,TheRealAutoGuy.

    You know, a car actually manufactured in the United States, as in; I’ve been to the plant and seen the American workforce in the body press plant; I’ve seen “U.S. Steel” on the side of the steel rolls for the press plant; I’ve seen the Americans tending the robotized welders in body built plant; I’ve seen video footage of Americans working in the paint plant on site; I’ve seen Americans manufacturing all of the engines used for these cars in the plant; and I’ve seen Americans working on the assembly line in this plant. Oh yes, I’ve met American management in this plant, also.

    This company also has an R&D operation in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN, and a styling studio in California.

    It’s 99% sure that we’ll be getting another Hyundai Sonata in the summer when my wife’s lease runs out.

    I’d vaguely considered a “domestic” Ford product, the Ford Fusion. Built on a Mazda chassis, designed by Mazda; manufactured in MEXICO with Mexican labor, it’s considered a “domestic” car while the Hyundai is considered “foreign”.

    Welcome to bizarroland.

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    The Fusion also has only 30% US content. I am actually glad it does not sell all that well. Ford only sold 115,000 last year.

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    All that Mexican content in the Fusion counts as US content thanks to NAFTA.

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