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Audi’s quest to become America’s upmarket alpha has hit the wall. It might be the same wall Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac et al. have struck, but it’s b-b-b-b-b-bad. You know sales suck when Audi PR doesn’t mention the actual percentage drop and headlines A5 and, worse (better?), R8 sales. “The Audi A5 posted a 76.3% increase over last January with 603 units sold in January 2009. The Audi R8 broke its January sales record with over 107 units sold, an increase of 75.4% over January’s sales a year ago.” Woo-hoo! Meanwhile, A4 sales evaporated, down 29.4 percent. The high profit A8 is DOA: sales off 65.1 percent. Sales of the TT roadster (-51.8%) and Q7 SUV (-44.7%) indicate two other dead models not selling.

The A3, Audi’s American attempt at small car chic, is toast (-27%). Never mind. Audi boasted that when the dust clears, they’ll steal market share, ready for the recovery to come. “Audi predicts,” Audi predicted, “its share of the U.S. luxury vehicle market will increase when all January 2009 sales reports come in compared to year-earlier results.”

Uh, BMW dropped “only” 15.5 percent. On the “positive” side, Porsche’s January sales dipped 36.1 percent. Wait; the same group owns both Audi and Porsche. OK then, Daimler dropped 35.5 percent. But they had a longer way to drop, volume-wise.

Still, anyone who counts Audi out is misjudging Ingolstadt’s American team determination take the luxury car crown. If not now, later. And if not later, eventually.

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11 Comments on “Audi’s January Sales Slump 26.4%...”

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    johnny ro

    Audi down. Hmm.

    My 2002 A4 is sitting in my garage going on 3rd week while part arrived just today. Intermittent VW 1.8t engine speed sensor. Left me on side of road. Out of CPO warranty.

    The CEL light was on and off the whole time I owned it and a better Audi dealer just gave up on that. I keep thinking of this while I get ready for next car in a few months. I did spend lots of quality time in A6, A4 and A3 free loaners. Nice dealer.

    B6 A4 is surely a nice car, quibbles aside. 2009 A4 is awesome to me.

    Audi is a car people want, thats a good place to rebound from.

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    That’s sad =(
    IMO, Audi is one of the very few brands doing things right, right now.
    The crisis has caught up to them, it’s inevitable but the fact remains that they have the best premium lineup in today’s market.
    If I had the money I would go for an Audi without so much as glancing at a BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc dealership.

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    OK then, Daimler dropped 35.5 percent. But they had a longer way to drop, volume-wise.

    And Acura and Lexus dropped more than Audi.

    BMW’s performance compared Audi was entirely the X5 doing well (up 23.3%, so the entire X line was up 5% as the X3 and X6 did poorly) while Audi’s larger Q7 did poorly (down 44.7%).

    Passenger cars alone, BMW alone went from 12046 to 8697, a drop of 21.3%. BMW + Mini went from 13506 to 10779, a drop of 20.2%. (Mini only fell 15.2%) Numbers from here.)

    Passenger cars alone (excluding Q5 and Q7), Audi sales were down 22.2%, from 6418 to 4722, from their press release.

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    Damn shame. Audi is the only luxury brand that does not look like its korean (design been stolen by the Koreans) these days. I was at a dealer getting the autolock feature enabled on my 2004 A6 S-Line and was blown away by how gorgeous the 2009 TT S-Line is.

    If anyone rebounds now, it will be Audi.

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    Audi has worked their tail off to be competitive with BMW and Mercedes over the last couple years…If I had to drive a FWD car, it would probably be Audi.

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    If they’d sell a TT TDI convertible they could add one more car to their numbers. Aruba Blue with a stick please.


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    The new 3.0T engine rocks, but the ’09 A6 is kind of disappointing. At least per the website, there’s pretty much no options beyond the Premium/Premium Plus/Prestige variants. The S-line package and the sport suspension are gone, and the A6 sucks to drive with the standard setup. It’s like a big Camry that way.

    The 2011 A6 based on the new platform with ADS should be excellent, but it’ll have the next gen 5 and Infiniti M to contend with. Acura, Lexus, and Mercedes are no real threat in the mid-size category.

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    I’d love to get one of the A3 TDIs, but they’re not supposed to be available until early 2010. And I won’t buy it new, so I guess if I do buy an Audi, it’ll be about 2012 or 2013. I think my ’03 Jetta can make it that long. Sorry VW/Audi!

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    I really like the A3.

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    blue adidas

    I’ll be getting an S5 once it’s available with the supercharged V6. Just doing my part to help the economy!

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    I drive 3.0 A6 quite regularly and apart from the interior its nothing special, the driving dynamics are awful and the maintenance on it is ridiculous as well. If you can bear the poor reliability the E Class is much better overall and if you want driving dynamics with a poor interior get the 5.

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