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Jonny Lieberman just belled me from Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch outside of Sin City. JL’s flogging the new 370Z on Nissan’s nickel, putting the transplant’s smaller, faster coupe through the corners on our behalf (quel sacrifice!). The TTAC scribe will be scribing his review soon, but initial impressions are… good. “It’s a good car,” Jonny told me with uncharacteristic reserve. “Neutral. Nice.” Tell me more, tell me more, did the synchro revs match? “Around town, it’s fine. But let’s say you’re charging down a straight in third gear, at about 7000 rpm. Red line’s at 7500 rpm, right?” “Right!” So you’re braking hard and you want a lower gear. As it shifts, the tranny blips the throttle. That sucks.” “Yeah I hate it when that happens.” Anyway, even though JL believes Nissan’s assertion that their updated roadster is as fast around a track as Porsche’s hardtop two-seater, a Cayman killer the new Z ain’t. “It’s probably more aimed at the Mustang GT. Against that it’s a Hell of a lot more neutral in the corners.” Safe! Not that Mr. L has that at the top of his priority list. What does linger there will soon be revealed….

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16 Comments on “JL’s Nissan 370Z Review On Its Way...”

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    I’m confused. Are you saying it over-revs on downshifts? Or blips to match? The latter is desired, obviously.

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    Justin Berkowitz


    On paper at least, it blips to match on downshifts. We’ll find out how much it blips I guess when Jonny checks in.

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    Considering that my dreams of a Camaro or Mustang probably died with the bailout, I’m hoping the 370Z is as awesome as the car mags indicate it to be…

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    IC Turbo

    I’d like to rev match myself, thank you. Rumor has it that auto rev matching is defeatable. Can you confirm this?

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    As far as I know its an option, so if you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it.

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    Please post this review ASAP! I too was interested in the Camaro, but I’m afraid of the resale value and whether it will even show up in May.

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    You guys make “nice” and “neutral” sound like it’s something of a letdown. A car that tries to kill you is a bad thing, unless have small-weenie issues and are trying to prove something by driving it (I guess this is the driving dynamics version of a person’s overall opinion of an old car: words like “character” means “horribly flawed” and “usually broken” while “boring” means “it started every day” and “I never flipped it once”).

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    IC Turbo :
    December 12th, 2008 at 5:59 pm

    I’d like to rev match myself, thank you. Rumor has it that auto rev matching is defeatable. Can you confirm this?

    There’s a button on the shifter next to the shifter bezel towards the passenger that turns the feature on. I would probably use this feature at low speeds, but leave it off during spirited driving.

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    It’s the button you push when you’re on a date!

    Anyway, if the 370Z is Mustang material then it’s not a big departure from the last one. Its weight isn’t a big departure from the last one, either, so no surprise. But I’m okay with that. I have a Miata now and I think I’d like to experience a variety of cars in my life… I’ll have to try the big-power thing one day, without giving up entirely on enjoying the corners. And it comes in yellow. Perfect!

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    Mustang? How so?

    It’s lighter and is good in the turns.

    Car and Driver called the 350z a Japanese Corvette.

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    Whether on downshifts or upshifts, I just wish it wouldn’t blippin’ blip at all.

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    350z a japanese corvette? isn’t that going a bit too much for that? What about the Acura NSX? Supra? GT-R!

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    It is Car and Driver that suggested that. Probably between hyperboles about the latest (or any) BMW.

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    Um, they don’t make the NSX or Supra anymore.

    Anyway, this is why they called it that:

    “Think of the 350Z as a Japanese Corvette. It has plenty of speed at a good price but lacks the refinement needed for all-around greatness. In this group, that’s enough to keep the 350Z down.”

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    “Refinement” can kiss my ass, give me pure speed and cornering ability over “refinement” any day

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    Where’s the review?

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