By on December 18, 2008

Engineer A: How’s testing on the Merak going?
Engineer B: The brakes catch fire all the time.
Engineer A: Put in a warning light.
Engineer A: Make it big.

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14 Comments on “Intermittent Daily Podcast: Maserati Warning Light...”

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    ah, dude, the brakes have failed and it says here we have to STOP … hmm …

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    “Breaks”? You spell like you’re posting a car ad on craigslist.

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    I second Verbal, not very professional.

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    Justin Berkowitz

    I agree with everyone else so far. Very unprofessional. If he makes typos his ideas must also be poorly thought out. Fire this idiot ASAP. This is a blog after all; we can’t tolerate such careless work here.

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    Reminds me of the early 80s when the brand new Ferrari 308s started burning lots of oil.

    The factory’s solution? Modify the service manual to recommend an oil change every 1000 miles.

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    My Volvo 240s had “Brake Failure” lights. If I recall correctly the pressure switch that triggered the light was attached to the master cylinder and had a tendency to fail or get clogged after you bled the brakes. Removing the bulb on the light was easier than replacing the pressure switch.

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    Reminds me of how the “Check ABS” light on most of the semi-tractors at Con-Way had been painted or taped over.

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    Justin you sound bored during the podcast, whats the deal. I can hear you clicking or tapping your pen in the backround. Especially next to Johnny’s super enthusiasm.

    Come one man you get to drive, and write about cars all day you should be riding high and sound like your coked up or on speed, I know I would.

    Love that Lancia Therma, looks like a mix between a Milano and a 164. It sounds awesome too. I always wanted to yank the 4 out of my Alfa Spider and dump in a Ferrari V8. Love those Italian cars, a project car for my very old age maybe.

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    I used to drive a Merak.

    OK, I used to steal the neighbor’s when I was in high school (I’d always call and let him know, though).

    It was a later version with the Citroen dashboard. 3 ovals, the rightmost of which was a big amber fresnel lens that said “STOP!”

    Funny thing was, that light didn’t come on the night the brakes DID catch fire and burn the car to the ground. Thank goodness the owner was driving, not I.

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    That is pretty funny, that picture. Funnier when it was “brakes keep fucking up.” Thank you for sharing!

    It’s dumb how the last numbers on the gauges are each reversed so as to be still legible. Because of such I would probably not drive this car.

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    Might have been worthwhile researching this one a bit more. Meraks and for that matter contemporary Citroens and Rolls Royces employed Hydropnematic braking systems which depend on a charge in an accumulator to work. The accumulator is fed from a pump, which is fed from the engine. So in the event of the engine being off the vehicle has a store of about 20 applications before failure. The light warns that the accumulator is no longer being fed and is running on reserve, so it would be wise to pull over. It does not typically mean that the system has failed totally. In fact Citroens and rollers and presumably these Masers, have quadrupal redundency in the braking system.

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    Does anyone have a clip from The Simpsons where Marge’s dashboard lights up BREAKS CUT?

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    Not all Meraks ran that system. The one I drove didn’t. Easiest way to tell was the brake pedal. The Hydropneumatic system had a mushroom kind of pedal that stuck out from the floor and felt weird as heck when you used it. My uncle’s SM had that (THAT was a car).

    The Meraks in the US had a standard hydraulic brake system (probably they learned from the SM AND Ralph Nader was floating around over here; Ralph still floats around here, albeit in a higher orbit than before).

    What I remember most about the Merak was that it had this absolutely silken clutch uptake. Smooth as my GF’s (baby brother’s) behind. I have never driven anything with that smooth a clutch since.

    Here’s the brake pedal in an SM with the hydro-pneumo system (that black button next to the loud pedal on the floor):

    Here’s the fresnel light (this is in an SM, which shared interior w/ the Merak):

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