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Ahead of the LA Auto Show, which is coming up in a few weeks, Nissan has gone ahead and released images of the 370Z. This is phase 3 in a prolonged effort to give the car about a month of buzz before its official reveal (phase 1 was intentional spy shots and video, phase 2 being the Edmunds pretendo-leako). No specs from Nissan yet, though 330 horsepower or north is a good bet.

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18 Comments on “New Nissan 370Z Revealed...”

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    It looks like the interior will be a bit nicer, which is great, but those tail/headlights…eesh. I won’t be looking to upgrade from my 350Z as long as those hideous lights are there.

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    Those Nissan folks sure like the Z4 coupe.

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    It looks good. Like the lovechild of a GT-R and a Z4 M coupe.

    Headlights/tailights are wierd though. Z cars have never really been about looks, so I think the performance will matter more.

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    I like the shape of the car, the lights look pretty good to me. However that color interior should not exist, mustard yellow on black is bad.

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    Very nice!

    This evolution adds a nice dose of sensuality to a design that was all crisp and business-like arcs and lines.

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    I dunno. There’s a little bit of Jaguar in there. The overall shape is quite nice, but I still don’t like the headlights–although they are better integrated than they are on the Maxima.

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    The profile looks more 240Z than Z32 now. Much better.

    Still needs more turbo…

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    Steve Green

    The Nissan folks nailed this one. I was thinking of picking up a used 350Z for a weekend fun car.. but I guess now I’ll have to wait a few more years until some 370Zs come back from their initial leases.

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    arapaima: you mean pumpkin orange?

    Damn I’m really going to miss the 350z when these start flooding the streets. Gone is the breathtaking, clean design of the 350. Busy and quirky must be the new black.

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    Love the revised shape. It’s much more attractive than the first gen and reminds me of the first Zs.

    The head and taillights … gross. I’m sick of car companies making “distinctive” (i.e. ugly) design elements simply for the sake of being distinctive. The TTAC posters were right: Elegance is dead.

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    @z31: I’m with you .. this is more like a re-skinned Datsun 240Z than anything else.

    And I like it!

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    Nissan designers nailed it. The basic shape is classic 240Z and the arrow-shaped headlights (an acquired taste I’ll admit) are better integrated on this Z than on the Maxima where they look a little awkward.

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    I like the way it looks, now all I need is engine numbers and curb weight. My mom has a 350Z roadster and loves it. I can understand why: it has the best exhaust note of any V6, IMHO, and it’s pretty good in the performance arena. Hopefully, the 370Z is even better.

    Oh, and the Wikipedia article for the Nissan Z-car links to this post. No, I didn’t add it there. ^_^

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    Too angular. It looks like a poor attempt at photoshopping a 240Z onto a 350Z. That kind of look works fine on an Xterra or Pathfinder, but is quite horrible on a car like this. It looks like a 240Z reinterpreted by Bizarro.

    To be honest, I’m quite disappointed that Nissan has fallen into the same ‘retro’ trap that has plagued the MINI Cooper, Mustang, new Beetle, Camaro, and Challenger.

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    I owned a 2003 350z and currently own a 1972 240z. The 370z tooks styling cues from the 240z in the hatch line and the rear quarter window, with the beltline curving up. The rear of the car is ALL 350z and nothing like the 240z.

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    Looks like a TVR.

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    There’s something wrong with this car. i like the fact that it’s bundeled up, but the design is a bit, unconventional to put it lightly.
    the 350Z had a more welcome look to it when it was first launched, i directly liked it then. still do now.

    but i’m not sure about this one….

    some car designs just grow on you, i’ll give this one some time to see. but i’ll take a G37 over this anyday.

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