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\"Invariably, the person in charge of the polishing will make plenty of corrections. Cushioning corrections with lots of positive comments will only serve to motivate your cheer or dance team. Come up with genuine insights beyond just, \'Good job.\' You can use the \'I noticed…\' phrase. (\'I noticed you kept your pom poms in front of your body that time. Or  \'I noticed you got that tricky part.\') We all like it when someone takes special notice of our individual progress. It makes us feel good and work harder.\" (Text courtesy've been exceptionally busy on the flame-suppression front. This week, I've removed dozens of offensive comments, and permanently banned more than a few unruly malcontents. I'm not surprised. It's a painful time for anyone who had faith in the domestic automakers. The bad news coming from Detroit is coming fast and it makes them furious. At us. But a lot of the boneless chickens we've identified here over the last four years– giving credit to anyone with a pulse, bad branding, lousy product decisions, and on and on– are coming home to roost. Truth to tell, it's a good time for TTAC. Our visitor numbers are up. Nothing rad. Just the same organic growth. Which is fine by me. It means we're building a solid base of readers who "get it." And to this group I promise more solid journalistic work like Samir Syed's excellent interview with CAW leader Buzz Hargrove. We're limited by finances, but wherever we can, we will break news. Meanwhile, we, like you, watch the scene with an increasing sense of foreboding. Through it all, we'll be here, telling the truth about cars. 

[New podcast inserted. Thanks for your patience.] 

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23 Comments on “Daily Podcast: A Pom-Pom Free Zone...”

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    Congrats, Justin.

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    The leasing problems are a major bulkhead bursting. Next goes the cheap financing and toe tag sales because they won’t be able to cover the discrepancy between manufacturing costs and selling price.

    I liked the interview, it would be great to see more from car designers, engineers, or even car collectors to provide a wider perspective on the world of cars. Sadly, talking to the suits brings up a lot of bad things about the business today.

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    I call dibs on the upcoming full-time flame-suppressor position @ $40-50k a year!

    I joke (unless the job is available), but congrats on the growth!

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    I’m also in the running for a moderator position… I’m fully available!

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    I always appreciate the quality of the comments and commentary on this site. Excellent job moderating!

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    Save the podcast, save the world.

    (I crack me up.)

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    I discovered this site just a few weeks ago and have been hooked ever since. I think it’s very un-biased. Facts are facts. I know some loathe the “Death Watch” editorials, but they seem to be right on the money. Sadly.

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    Ack, Strippo beat me to the joke.
    How about:
    Save the Big 2.5, Save the world.

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    I should also mention that I really like that TTAC uses a WordPress format. It’s so clean and neat.

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    The volume level suddenly drops to less than a whisper at the end…!

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    So does the promise of cheap gas around the corner – well, low $3 gas – mean people will flock right back to the big three? I’m sure the Detroit hopes so but what do you think?

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    Hey, why not use that paragraph to reference what your talking about topic-wise with links?

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    Is it just me, or does the audio go down to near zero at the 6:10 mark on the mp3 file (through iTunes)? And then back up again at 8:30?

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    jjdaddyo :

    Yeah, the audio drops out. They discuss gullwing doors, other types of doors, and the Mercedes SL during the volume drop.

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    Busbodger :

    So does the promise of cheap gas around the corner – well, low $3 gas – mean people will flock right back to the big three? I’m sure the Detroit hopes so but what do you think?

    An excellent question!

    I say no. At least not for 2 to 5 years.

    Congress hasn’t done anything to encourage or allow exploration, drilling, or more supply. Like dogs, people have memories. People are not stupid. Well, some are, but not all.

    But most have felt like they’ve been beaten like a bad dog (with fuel prices). Through our experiences and fear of the wrong end of the rolled-up newspaper, they will suddenly find themselves trained to fear the beatings.

    Some, having bought a Toyondissan, will learn what it’s like (maybe for the first time in their lives) to not have a major, minor, or nuisancical automotive problem every 30-45 days. They will taste this new doggie treat, and it will taste sweet, like FREEDOM.

    The current oil shock will be the cause of lots of dogs running away from their former masters.

    Meaning that many won’t go back to SUV’s anytime soon. And a likewise many won’t go back to GM, F, or Chryco anytime soon.

    Maybe not ever. Woof!

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    I’ll admit I love the site too. Gees $3 a good price for gas?

    I tried doing some math to see if we could save money and reduce our carbon footprint if we switched from a 2003 Subaru Forester (non Turbo)and a 2006 Miata.

    We are free and clear on the Forester and owe $6K on the Miata. I would buy a Prius for around town (where it gets its best mpg) and the VW Jetta Diesel for highway (where it get’s the best MPG) So I’ve invested $50,000 in new cars. Carbon Smarbon think before you say goodbye to that ride.

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    Zoomzoom… If prices remain (relatively) low, I think the bounce will happen quicker than that.

    On the other hand, Detroit will be hurtin’ so bad by then that the principal beneficiary will be Toyota’s Tundra program.

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    I love to read, but I’d hate to be a moderator. You couldn’t pay me enough to do it.

    On the other hand, the site admin reaction to reader feedback (more than any other site I visit), good stories (tastily cynical) and colorful reviews keep me addicted.

    Mr. Farago actually responding to Firefox/64-bit linux issues impressed me as well.

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    I surmise that one of the “3 Stooges” (domestic fanboys) on Edmunds was banned from TTAC when he tried to bring our ever-lively KatiePuckrik down. Good going, Robert; wish Edmunds would do the same!

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    Robstar : I love to read, but I’d hate to be a moderator. You couldn’t pay me enough to do it.

    I moderate for another forum, and its a thankless job. But I still love it.

    re: Gullwing. I thought Mercedes canned the idea after race prepped 300SLs (black in the day) flipped upside down, caught on fire, and the safety crew couldn’t get the driver out in time to save his life.

    Roof mounted hinges are a bad, bad idea. You can get a little leverage on a lambo-style door, but there’s nothing when the entire weight of the car sits on the hinge.

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    Sajeev: If you and Ralph Nader hate it, then I love it. If I had the means, I would recommend (to myself) picking one up.

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    One of the more entertaining editions of the Daily Podcast. (except for the volume thing)

    As for the Benz uber-schlong vs. the the McLaren vapor pod, I agree: who cares? Not only are they irrelevant and ugly (M-B), but the Benz is essentially one giant gimmick. An unraceable, un-streetable 1Tb-horsepower phallic symbol – with gullwings. Umm, no thanks. Give me a 400hp V8 coupe and a Cayenne GT instead.

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    RF – good job. Keep up the hard work on the anti-flaming.

    The thoughtfulness of many posts (even those I don’t agree with) is what makes TTAC worth visiting and coming back to.

    My other favourite is Insightcentral (for Honda Insight owners). For the most part a delightfully unassuming and helpful collection of anoraks, tech-heads, geeks and enthusiasts.

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