Used Car of the Day: 2008 BMW M5

Today's used car of the day comes from the Illinois side of the St. Louis suburbs. It's a 2008 BMW M5 in the rare Interlagos Blue paint. It also has the Sepang Bronze Merino perforated leather interior trim and full interior leather package.

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Used Car of the Day: 1991 Volkswagen Jetta

Yesterday we brought you a nice, if arguably way overpriced, Volkswagen pickup.

Today's UCOTD is another VW, one that is very cheap -- but also needs a whole lot of help.

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Used Car of the Day: 1981 Volkswagen Pickup

The Ford Maverick has gotten a lot of attention over the past year, but it was preceded by many a small pickup. Including this 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit.

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Used Car of the Day: 1985 300ZX

Today's used car of the day is another Nissan/Datsun special -- a 1985 300ZX in the rare Aspen Gold paint job. Fewer than 5,000 of these cars were built in Aspen Gold.

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Used Car of the Day: 1997 Lotus Elise

A bit late with UCOTD today, as I had other duties in the morning, but I'm making up for it with this unique choice: A 1997 Lotus Elise.

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Used Car of the Day: 2007 Toyota F Cruiser TRD Manual

We at TTAC hope you're enjoying this new "used car of the day" feature. Remember, it's not meant to sell the cars, just to get you guys talking about some cool cars for sale -- even if that means you mocking a pick.

And for us older Millennials, one of the cooler vehicles of our generation was the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Divisive looks aside, it was a bad-ass off-roader available with three pedals. I spent a good chunk of my 20s wanting one.

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Used Car of the Day: Is a $78K CPO Porsche 718 Cayman GTS Your Speed?

Sometimes, used-car prices cause one's eyes to pop. That is the case here, with this 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman GTS. It's certified pre-owned, and at $78,000, it's not cheap.

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Used Car of the Day: This Ramcharger Owner Will Take Gun in Trade

If you like old-school large SUVs, this Ramcharger might catch your eye.

And if you have a gun, that might be all you need to make it yours.

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Used Car of the Day: 2003 Acura RSX Type-S

Today's used car of the day is one that speaks to me, personally -- I loved the Acura RSX back in the day.

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Used Car of the Day: 2001 Volkswagen Eurovan

Let's go camping! This 21-year-old Eurovan has the 2.8-liter VR6 engine, and it's all yours for $39,900.

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Used Car of the Day: 1991 Eagle Talon 2.0L TSI Turbo AWD

Cheeseheads (and those neighboring Wisconsin, like FIBs such as myself), take note: There's an Eagle in your midst.

You can find this Eagle Talon in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, for $6,500 or best offer. Oh, and it's a stick.

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Used Car of the Day: Opel GT Barn Find

Have you ever wondered what is hidden in the barns you pass whenever you drive in a rural area? I have. I mean, OK, sure, most are probably just housing farm implements and random stuff. But sometimes you find an old European car. Or two.

Hey, beats a dead body.

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Used Car of the Day: 1984 Land Rover D90

When I was a wee lad, I loved the old Land Rover Defenders, though I didn't get as jazzed about them as I did, say, muscle cars. I wasn't walking around rattling off specs and stats like Timmy talking about the dinos in Jurassic Park, though I probably did that with some other cars.

Anyway, I perked up when I saw this one listed on our parent company's forum.

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Used Car of the Day: 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Coupe

Attention, Midwest-based Subaru fans.

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Used Car of the Day: 1992 Cadillac Brougham

Your vinyl-top dreams have come true.

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  • MaintenanceCosts Now that they have an actually functional entry into this segment--the Corolla Cross--they can put this sorry creation out of its misery.
  • FreedMike The roads were closed down and the stunts were done by pros. All good by me.
  • MaintenanceCosts If you've ever been to Oxford you know that having everyone drive everywhere is not sustainable there. But this seems like a much worse way to manage the problem than straightforward congestion pricing. Congestion pricing lets people drive where they want, when they want, but reduces the incentive to take car trips at the margins.
  • Cprescott I remember seeing these unload at a local L/M dealer complete with the black plastic that covered the grill (for pre-delivery protection). I have always loved the formal look of this vintage with the upright, hard lines over the Mark IV's softer and shapeless look. Would love to have the money to take a decent condition one that didn't run and to convert it to EV so that greenies would have a fit of something so large being battery powered!
  • FreedMike They were actually selling these all this time?