VinFast and Mitsubishi to Collab on After-Sales Service (and Recycling Used Cooking Oil)

Perhaps answering at least some of the questions we all have about VinFast and its long-term plans in this country, owner Vingroup announced this morning it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Mitsubishi to explore providing after-sales services in international markets. Mitsu will also establish a working group to collect used cooking oil.

Wait, what?

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VinFast Announces New U.S. Dealers Across Several States

VinFast has had several early bumps in the road, but the Vietnamese automaker appears to be hitting its stride in at least one area. The company recently announced an expansion to its U.S. dealer network, giving it stores in several new areas and growing its footprint to 18 dealerships in seven states.

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VinFast Still Kicking and Planning to Show Vehicles at CES

VinFast Auto is planning to show off several electric vehicles at CES it would like to see sold within the United States in the coming years. Despite the brand initially looking like another automotive startup doomed to failure, it’s managed to outlast much of the competition and continues to express a desire to break into the North American market. Its booth will reportedly include the VF8 compact crossover, boxy VF3 microcar, and a new pickup concept.

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VinFast to Pay Customers Who Need Extended Repairs

VinFast had some stumbles out of the gate with its U.S. vehicle launch, racking up seriously mixed reviews and delaying the rollout with technology hiccups. The company is now working to ease the ownership experience for owners who have problems with their EVs, offering payouts for service issues.

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VinFast Went Public and Quickly Exceeded Legacy Automakers' Valuations

The stock market works in mysterious ways and can make or break companies as they attempt to go public. Recently, Vietnamese automaker VinFast went public using a SPAC deal, drawing a valuation of around $85 billion with shares up to $37.06 in trading yesterday.

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VinFast Sets Kickoff Date For North Carolina Factory

With all the odd press it’s gotten over the last year, it’s easy to assume VinFast is looking to roll up the carpet and head back home. That’s not what’s happening, however, as the automaker recently announced a groundbreaking date for its new manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

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VinFast Debuts Tiny New VF3 for the Vietnamese Market

VinFast made a splash in the U.S. with the release of its first EV here, the VF8, but the reviews have not been the most positive early impressions. We’re expecting another model, the VF9, at some point, but the automaker’s newest EV hasn’t yet been slated for a North American release. The new VF3 mini EV is scheduled for release in 2024 as a super-small crossover with seating for five.

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VinFast Recalls VF8 for Temporarily Failing Display Screens

VinFast isn’t quite riding the wave of success it likely hoped for with its recent North American debut. The Vietnamese automaker experienced multiple delays in bringing its electric SUVs to the U.S., and the initial reviews haven’t been kind. Now, we’re hearing about a recall for the brand-new VF8 SUV relating to an issue with the screens that could cause them to go blank.

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VinFast Pushes Back Date for Its New North Carolina Factory

VinFast is back in the news with issues, this time related to its planned factory in North Carolina. The Vietnamese automaker recently announced that its 2024 opening date would be pushed back to 2025 but offered no explanation or details other than to call it a “procedural delay.”

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VinFast Finally Delivers a Handful of SUVs to California Buyers

After delays, layoffs, and less-than-perfect initial reviews, VinFast has finally delivered its first vehicles to U.S. customers. The automaker announced that 45 new VF 8 City Edition EVs made it to customers at nine locations across California, a small portion of the 999 vehicles it imported. 

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QOTD: Will VinFast Make Its Delivery Goal?

Autoblog has a report via Reuters suggesting that VinFast will make its first U.S. deliveries the day after tomorrow.

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VinFast May Finally Be Able to Break Ground On Its U.S. Factory

VinFast has had a bumpy ride on its way to selling vehicles in the United States, with layoffs and delays making headlines more than the EVs themselves. At least one thing has gone the company’s way, however, as it recently got a permit it needed to start construction on a North Carolina factory.

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VinFast Lets Go Staff, Merges North American Operations

Building on yesterday’s report from Chris about hiccups in VinFast delivery, we bring news that the fledgling automaker is laying off numerous employees whilst also folding Canadian operations into its American business. Its chief financial officer also apparently flew the coop.

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Just Kidding: VinFast Hasn't Delivered Any of the Vehicles It Shipped Here Last Year

VinFast can’t seem to make up its mind about how, when, and for how much to sell its vehicles. Recently, the automaker announced that the first round of U.S.-bound vehicles had left its home country of Vietnam. That was after it backtracked on a decision to sell vehicles with a battery subscription instead of pricing them outright. Most recently, Automotive News reported that VinFast is holding onto the 999 vehicles it shipped here last year for software updates. 

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VinFast Announces Promo Program to Help Compete With Tesla

VinFast, a Vietnamese electric-vehicle maker, made waves in America before any of its vehicles are even on sale. The company’s debut announcement outlined a novel battery leasing program that involved confusing pricing and terms, but it later backed away from that plan. It’s not done fiddling with numbers just yet, however, as the automaker announced a new promotions program to help it compete against EV market leader Tesla.

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VinFast Announces Two More Models at CES

Those of you with yer ears to the ground will know the Vietnamese company behind VinFast has its hands in many pies. In addition to cars, the VinGroup encompasses endeavors like VinHomes real estate, VinPearl resorts, and VinCom shopping malls.

We hope they get into petroleum and call it VinDiesel.

But with two EVs on offer and plans for an all-electric future, it’s unlikely they will. At CES, they have introduced two new models as well: the VF6 and VF7.

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Vietnamese EV Startup Says More Models Coming to America

VinFast, the Vietnamese automotive startup that showcased five electric vehicles at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has said it’ll be expanding the lineup planned for North America. With midsize offerings already slated for export, the company used the Los Angeles Auto Show to show off the subcompact VF6 and compact VF7 – adding that it’ll also be shipping those units our way for the 2024 model year.

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QOTD: What LA Auto Show Debut Excites You?

Hello from sunny Southern California. You may notice a later-than-usual posting schedule today and tomorrow as we work our way through the LA Auto Show -- we're sorta working on West Coast time.

Which brings me to the QOTD -- what debut from this show has you perking up?

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Vietnamese Company VinFast Shows 5 EVs at CES

At the dawn of automobiles, there were tremendously more brands from which to choose in America than there are today. With the rapid transition to all things electric, new companies are sprouting up faster than dandelions on your author’s lawn. Rivian, Lucid, Tesla – actually, when Tesla is the newest company in a particular group of examples, you know the landscape is changing rapidly.

Next out of the gate? A company from Vietnam called VinFast. Last night at CES, they hauled the covers off five different EVs, all of them shaped like crossovers ranging in size from S to XXL.

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