Used Car of the Day: 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

used car of the day 2006 dodge magnum srt8

Car enthusiasts love a hot-rod wagon, and this 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT8, available for $27,000, might just fit the bill for you.

Yes, of course, it has the Hemi -- why wouldn't it? It also has other SRT8 goodies like 20-inch wheels and Brembo brakes.

There's a long list of mods, both factory and not (the car has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which didn't exist in 2006). The seller claims the airbag recall has been addressed and the car has LED head- and fog lamps, tinted front windows, and a backup camera. There's also a "tub" of original parts available.

There are about 20,100 miles on this Oregon-based car. Give it a look here.

[Images: Seller]

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  • Wjtinfwb Wjtinfwb on Feb 07, 2023

    Cool cars that drover pretty well, thank to the Benz bits underneath. But that interior.... Chrysler must have sourced interior materials to Lego or Mattel. I spent a week in a rented 300 Touring of this vintage, very enjoyable car to drive but the interior would have made an old Isuzu i-Mark blush. No sale at any price.

  • Olddavid Olddavid on Feb 08, 2023

    What kind of a world do we have when a 17 year old Dodge machine can bring this kind of money? My sister has had one for over ten years and it has been good to her, although it gets by with a six cylinder engine. My impression was the interior wasn't so spartan that I noticed and I did ride in the back seat and don't recall it that tight even if it was only to the grocery store. My nieces and nephews have spilled the usual milkshakes, et al, and it has gone on without smell with easily cleaned fabrics. I cannot get past that price even if it does check most of my personal boxes.

    • Flameded Flameded on Feb 28, 2023

      "What kind of a world do we have when a 17 year old Dodge machine can bring this kind of money?" A world in which the money is worth "almost" nothing. Not nothing, but pretty damn close to nothing when you look back. Sad world indeed.

  • Kwik_Shift I like, because I don't have to look at them. Just by feel and location while driving.
  • Dwford This is the last time we are making these, so you better hurry up and buy (until the next time we make them, that is)
  • FreedMike @Tim: "...about 40 percent of us Yanks don't live in a single-family home."Keep in mind that this only describes single family **detached** homes. But plenty of other house types offer a garage you can use to charge up in - attached single family homes (townhouses, primarily), or duplex/triplex/four-plexes. Plus, lots of condos have garages built in. Add those types of housing in and that 40% figure drops by a lot. Regardless, this points out what I've been thinking for a while now - EV ownership is great if you have a garage, and inconvenient (and more expensive) if you don't. The good news if you're looking for more EV sales is that there are literally hundreds of millions of Americans who have garages. If I had one, I'd be looking very closely at buying electric next time around.
  • Matthew N Fanetti I bought a Silver1985 Corolla GTS Hatchback used in 1989 with 80k miles for $5000. I was kin struggling student and I had no idea how good the car really was. All I knew was on the test drive I got to 80 faster than I expected from a Corolla. Slowly I figured out how special it was. It handled like nothing I had driven before, tearing up backroads at speeds that were downright crazy. On the highway I had it to about 128mph on two occasions, though it took some time to get there, it just kept going until I chickened out. I was an irresponsible kids doing donuts in parking lots and coming of corners sideways. I really drove it hard, but it never needed engine repair even to the day I sold it in 1999 with 225000 miles on it, still running well - but rusty and things were beginning to crap out (Like AC, etc.). I smoked a same year Mustang GT - off the line - by revving up and dumping the clutch. Started to go sideways, but nothing broke or even needed attention. Daily driving, only needed the clutch into first. It was that smooth and well-synced. Super tight, but drivable LSD. Just awesome from daily chores to super-fun.To this day I wish I had kept it, because now I have the money to fix it. It is hard to explain how amazing this car was back in the day - and available to people with limited money - and still the highest quality.
  • Cprescott Well, duh. You will pay more to charge a golf cart than an ICE of the same size if you charge externally. Plus when you factor in the lost time, you will pay through the nose more than an ICE on lost opportunity costs. Golf car ownership savings is pure myth.