Used Car of the Day: 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey

used car of the day 1989 alfa romeo spider veloce

We're going back to the older Italian car well for today's UCOTD, so brace your wallet. We're featuring a 1989 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce.

This triple-black car has 113,000 miles on it, is said to run and drive well, and has been garaged and owned by the same person for the past two decades.

The owner wants to sell only in New Jersey, and I normally might skip such a listing, but there are obviously a lot of people in that area -- the seller doesn't live in the middle of nowhere. So if you're in or close to New Jersey and have a spare 10 grand, this car could be yours. That's right -- the asking price is a mere $9,250. Check it out here.

[Images: Seller]

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  • ToolGuy ToolGuy 3 days ago

    Question 1 part A: Why would you "Only want to sell locally to NJ"?

    Question 1 part B: To what lengths is the seller prepared to go to verify that I'm not lying about my state of residence, or that he isn't selling to an intermediary who is immediately going to flip it to me X states away?

    Question 2: When did under-hood pinups become a thing?

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    • Analoggrotto Analoggrotto 2 days ago

      I don't do this but some guys like to squeeze one off while working on their car.

  • Gray Gray 2 days ago

    Cute car. I like the Cutlass next to it better.

  • Statikboy Those tires are the Wrong Size.
  • Mustangfast I had an 06 V6 and loved that car. 230k trouble free miles until I sold it. I remember they were criticized for being too small vs competitors but as a single guy it was the right size for me. I recall the 2.3 didn’t have a reputation for reliability, unlike the V6 and I4. I think it likely didn’t take off due to the manual-only spec, price tag, and power vs the V6 engine and the way it delivered that power. It was always fun to see the difference between these and normal ones, since these were made in Japan whereas all others were flat rock
  • VoGhost Earth is healing.
  • ToolGuy "Having our 4th baby and decided a camper van is a better use of our resources than my tuner."Seller is in the midst of some interesting life choices.Bonus: Here are the individuals responsible for doing the work on this vehicle.
  • MaintenanceCosts Previous owner playing engineer by randomly substituting a bunch of components, then finding out. No thanks.