Used Car of the Day: 1966 Ford Galaxie

Tim Healey
by Tim Healey
used car of the day 1966 ford galaxie

Floating around one of our corporate forums is this 1966 Ford Galaxie that got plucked off eBay.

It has 7.0 liters of displacement, a manual transmission, and a drop-top. Supposedly not many Galaxies with this engine still exist, which explains the $88K bid price.

I didn't intend it this way, but apparently, the '60s have been big with UCOTD recently.

[Images: Seller]

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  • Jeff S Jeff S on Dec 17, 2022

    I was 14 and my sister was born in August of 66. I saw a number of 66 Fords but mostly 4 doors with white and light blue being the predominate color. No one in my family had a Ford at that time mostly GMs and mostly Chevrolets. My middle brother had a new maroon 66 Cutlass with black vinyl top and black bucket seats with spinners that was a real looker and which I wouldn't mind having today. Always liked the Galaxies and LTDs especially from the early to latter 60s just beautiful cars.

  • Redapple2 Redapple2 on Dec 18, 2022

    Billy Mitchell's 60 s designs are the best. Colors too. I have a DEADWeight level of dislike of GM products. But, I think GM has the best paint jobs ( except mazda soul red.) GM metal flake paints are the best. Color. size of flakes. Amount of flakes. Super good. Unsurpassed.

    • Jeff S Jeff S on Dec 18, 2022

      I think some of the 65 and 66 GM cars especially the Pontiacs are among the best GMs ever made. After the 60s GM was going downhill but they were not terrible during the 70s with the exception of the Vega and that was a disaster. I do think GM was improving in later years especially the Buick LaCrosse and Impala on the Epsilon platform. The 2012 Buick Lacrosse I had was a solid car and nicely finished and the 2014 Impala LTZ I rented for a week was a nice handling and comfortable car. The last full size sedans GM made were decent cars. The problem with GM is when they finally iron out the bugs and get a vehicle right they discontinue it. GM has made some great vehicles and is capable of making great vehicles but the bean counters and taking shortcuts have produced vehicles that could have been great but missed the mark.

  • Daveo My dad had an 85 t-bird and I was totally into the digital dash. It was also the first car he had with cruise control and he would complain that it sped up and slowed down going up and down hills.
  • William The Peugeot 308. I got to drive the last gen model on vacation to the SE Netherlands and I wanted to take it home. The new gen looks awesome. I want one bad.
  • TCowner Among my 25 year thus far Lincoln daily driver list of nearly all Town Cars, I took a dip into the PLC world with an 88 Mark VII LSC from 2006-2008. Beautiful handling car, comfortable seats, and oh that 5.0. I'd love to have one as a summer road trip car (I'll take a dark green '92 please) but had to get back to the big Town Car after some scares with the intricate ABS system and some other hard to find parts.
  • Analoggrotto I'd try to smash a can of tuna and some crackers with some fruit to avoid the sugar, cholesterol, refined starch and other crap in fast and packaged foods. Otherwise, Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich without mayo is good.
  • TheEndlessEnigma The tires are worth more than than rest of the car. IT's also a Michigan car, probably has unreported frame rust problems.