Toyota Teases Next Land Cruiser

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

It’s an open secret that the Big T is on the cusp of returning this storied nameplate to North American showrooms, meaning the release of a shadowy teaser image isn’t a huge surprise. Still, it’s neat to see what’s in the hopper for this off-road brute.

Alert readers will recall a new body-on-frame Lexus GX was introduced earlier this year, showing up with handsome squared-off styling and a twin-turbo V6 making 349 horsepower. Of note, an Overtrail trim with standard 33-inch tires probably gives us the closest look as to how aggro trims of the new Land Cruiser are destined to appear.

The teaser image shows a markedly similar profile to that of the GX, complete with a bumped-up beltline near the C-pillar and an overall blocky shape. Also, peep the old-school “quarter window” on its rear side doors. Relatively easy-to-change details like head- and taillights are sure to be unique to the Land Cruiser, though it’s tough to tell whether they’ll be round units like a 60-series or oblong such as found on 80-series and other iterations. I’ll bank the latter, bookending a TOYOTA billboard grille. Bookmark this page to see if I’m right and make fun of me if I’m not.

Speaking of taillights, the ones in this teaser shot are decidedly more vertical than lenses found on the GX, seeming to protrude a bit from the bodywork. The GX has a bit of simple styling flourish in this area, so it wouldn’t be a chore for Team Toyota to design a lamp that could remind us all of the tri-color rectangular units found on Land Cruisers in the past. Amber turn signals would be a tremendous throwback but we aren’t holding our breath.

But we’re glad the nameplate seems poised to make a return here at all. In a sea of car-based crossovers, a capable body-on-frame SUV can be a great palate cleanser - not to mention sorely needed competition for rigs like the Tahoe and Yukon. And, if we’ve learned anything from owners of the 4Runner and late FJ Cruiser, more than a few of these things will actually see off-road action. Let’s go.

[Images: Toyota]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • Alan Alan on Jul 06, 2023

    The J40 has a 90" wheelbase, so this new Teeyota Prado is approximately 117".

    • Analoggrotto Analoggrotto on Jul 06, 2023

      Yay you hate toyota, and have the wheelbase dimensions to prove it, what's new.

  • Booker Booker on Jul 11, 2023

    The LX 600 is the US/Lexus version of the 300 series (updates in 2022) Land Cruiser. Toyota has not brought the 300 series Toyota Land Cruiser into the US market. (only the LX 600) The Land Cruiser Prado, sold almost everywhere except the US has always been sold here as the Lexus GX. The new GX 550 is the revamped Prado.

    It won't really matter as almost all Toyota/Lexus products are basically vaporware, they don't don't things anymore. The Sienna has a 3 year wait list in the US, the LX 600 has a 6 year waitlist in Japan so I doubt you will see many GX 550s in the US anytime soon. The few that do arrive will sell for 30K over MSRP...

  • Dave M. In 2005 I remember my cousin texting me that he couldn't wait to show me his new car on my next visit home that summer. It was a gorgeous Pontiac, he said. I'm thinking Bonneville, Gran Prix....something suitable for a mid-40s debonair kind of guy. A few months later when I was home he drove up in his champagne colored Sunfire. My pangs of jealousy immediately melted away.He gladly inherited his mom's Camry 4 years later....
  • TMA1 I guess they're not expecting big things from a 5,800 lb sports car.
  • Lichtronamo The current Accord and forthcoming Camry are heavlily revised models, not all new. GM could have probably done the same with Malibu just to stay in the space. GM (and Ford's) retreat from cars seems like a path to nowhere but shrinking marketshare that just feeds into Toyota's continual growth. It seems shocking that GM and Ford have become so small in the US (notwithstanding full-size trucks) and other markets around world.
  • Scott Read through and everyone seems to have missed the main question:Is Tim Healy an old geezer now?"Or is it just a crossover world and I'm now an old guy* tilting at windmills and yelling at clouds?"
  • ToolGuy My latest vehicle acquisition is slightly older than this one, same parent company, but has a full frame, rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally-mounted pushrod V8 gasoline engine. Almost like it was engineered and manufactured by a completely different group of people. Hmmm...