EU Bans the Sales of New ICE Vehicles Starting in 2035

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

eu bans the sales of new ice vehicles starting in 2035

The European Union has taken earlier and more drastic steps to stem the tide of climate change than many other parts of the world. Fuel economy and emissions standards are stricter there, and yesterday, the EU announced the passage of its most restrictive gas vehicle policies yet. The updated law bans selling new internal combustion vehicles starting in 2035.

It’s worth noting that the law has another regulatory approval step before becoming official. Once the process is complete, the updated legislation bans new gas and diesel vehicles starting in 2035 and aims to cut 55 percent of CO2 emissions for new cars starting in 2030, up from an earlier 37.5 percent target.

The plan also looks to slash emissions from vehicles like trucks and buses. Officials are targeting a 45 percent reduction in emissions starting in 2030, followed by a 65 percent drop starting in 2035 and a 90 percent cut starting in 2040. City buses must go full zero-emissions beginning in 2030. The rules won’t ban the use of gas vehicles, so the EU will still have a significant number of used ICE vehicles on the roads. 

The United States is a hodgepodge of legislation, but several are moving toward gas vehicle bans. California and New York have announced plans for ICE prohibition, and several other states tend to follow suit. Massachusetts and Washington have legislation requiring them to follow the Golden State’s lead, so the trend may grow quickly once it begins. 

[Image: Matej Kastelic via Shutterstock]

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  • Art  Vandelay Art Vandelay on Feb 16, 2023

    Seems like a lot of you s#!td!cks probably shouldn’t move to the EU. As I don’t live there I leave it up to their citizens

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    • EBFlex EBFlex on Feb 17, 2023

      "You wouldn't know an informed mind if someone shoved one up your a$$"

      Jeeze you're as bad as VoGhost.

  • Kwik_Shift Kwik_Shift on Feb 16, 2023

    MaintenanceCosts: Start with WEF's manifesto and Davos '23 highlights.

  • Kwik_Shift Kwik_Shift on Feb 17, 2023

    VoGhost: Sounds more like self projection on your part. Globalists are multinational and corporate entities of all types who want control through the disguise of saving the environment. ADDING; you didn't include any evidence I attack Jews - because I never did. But that doesn't stop you from spreading those lies, like all the other lies you spread.

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    • Kwik_Shift Kwik_Shift on Feb 18, 2023

      VoGhost loves his logical fallacies.

  • Kwik_Shift Kwik_Shift on Feb 17, 2023

    Slavuta: The good old days aren't going to around much longer if people all over allow it to keep expanding. At Davos 2023, they were openly bragging about their plans. They're not hiding it any more. Remember the Holodomor? 2.0 will come to those that won't comply.