Infiniti Rolls Out New Logo and Dealership Designs

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

infiniti rolls out new logo and dealership designs

Infiniti has had a bumpy ride with sales numbers recently, but the rumors of its demise are overblown at best. As companies sometimes do, the automaker is hoping a fresh coat of paint will help it revive flagging interest and generate some traction to boost revenue. Infiniti recently announced a new retail setup and a fresh logo with such subtle differences from the old version that only the keenest eyes will pick up the changes.

Infiniti’s updates start with its dealership structure, which is changing to a minimalist setup that draws influences from classic Japanese design philosophies. It uses light and shadow to create a sense of space, and the new showroom look feels more like an art gallery than a car dealership.

The new logo is Infiniti’s fourth. It features a new lettering design with updated spacing for a more modern look. Looking at it next to previous designs, it’s easy to see the differences, but alone, it appears unchanged from the brand’s past. The font is less bold, and the “infinite road” shape now has a small space between the interior points, but there’s not much else setting it apart from its predecessors.

Infiniti also announced a new multisensory design architecture that will include scent and sound elements in vehicles. There’s a new scent inspired by a Japanese forest, and in-vehicle sounds will soon be revised with notes from the human voice and locations in Japan.

[Image: Infiniti]

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  • VoGhost VoGhost on Jun 24, 2023

    I forgot Infiniti existed.

  • Peter Peter on Jun 25, 2023

    What do you expect. The only person who knew how to run the company was put under house arrest for still unknown charges. 5 years later Carlos Ghosn is living happily on Lebanon’s Billionaire’s row. While Nissan’s Credit rating is Junk. Public perception of their vehicles is junk. Sales have tanked at all their brands. Average transaction prices are low, and resale value sux.

    Nissan should shut down Infiniti and Mitsubishi. Focusing on revitalizing the Nissan brand. But they are Japanese. Losing the company is better than losing face.

    If I was Renault, I would dump the stock immediately.

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    • FreedMike FreedMike on Jun 26, 2023

      @Peter: well, yeah, Nissan was selling plenty of cars back in the day because it was financing anyone with a pulse, and meanwhile it was letting the product rot and become uncompetitive. Brilliant plan, Carlos.

  • Peter Peter on Jun 26, 2023

    When you’re trying to be the low cost brand the last thing you need are expensive model makeovers. Especially in Japan, where all the brands are slow redoing models. Besides Ghosn stepped down as Nissan’s CEO 7 years ago. It’s late to be blaming him for problems Nissan is having today.

    • FreedMike FreedMike on Jun 28, 2023

      "Besides Ghosn stepped down as Nissan’s CEO 7 years ago."

      And Nissan's current downslide started shortly thereafter. They haven't recovered.

  • RHD RHD on Jun 28, 2023

    "Captain, the ship is sinking!"

    "Then rearrange the deck chairs!"

    "We already have!"

    "Then rearrange them just slightly and imperceptibly!"