Dodge Offers Exclusive Challenger Demon 170 Accessories to Lucky Buyers

Chris Teague
by Chris Teague

The Challenger Demon 170 is Dodge’s final sendoff for the cars, and with just 3,300 units planned for the car’s last hurrah, it will be one of the most exclusive models in the expansive series. The lucky few to get their hands on the car include celebrities and automotive royalty like Jay Leno, but there are plenty of “everyday” buyers, too. To help make the experience even more special for buyers, Dodge offers a series of “after-delivery” products exclusively for the car.

The list of available upgrades includes a custom instrument panel badge, a Goodwool car cover, carbon fiber parts, a Jay Leno detailing kit, and more. Dodge also described a custom decanter set that comes with the Demon, which is an interesting choice for a muscle car accessory. The detailing kit and a custom Demon 170 instrument panel badge also come with the purchase. 

Added-cost upgrades include a Goodwool car shell for $2,640, a satin-stretch indoor car cover for $695, a $1,389 interior harness bar, a $180 seat harness mounting kit, a $3,999 rear seat delete carbon fiber kit, and more. 

Dodge certainly rode the Hellcat train as far as it could, and the Challenger Demon 170 is just the latest in a long series of hopped-up muscle cars from the automaker. That said, its specs are impressive: 1,025 horsepower, 945 pounds of torque, and a 1.66-second 0-60 mph time make it the quickest production car. It also sports the highest g-force acceleration of any production car, with 2.004 Gs. 

[Image: Dodge]

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Chris Teague
Chris Teague

Chris grew up in, under, and around cars, but took the long way around to becoming an automotive writer. After a career in technology consulting and a trip through business school, Chris began writing about the automotive industry as a way to reconnect with his passion and get behind the wheel of a new car every week. He focuses on taking complex industry stories and making them digestible by any reader. Just don’t expect him to stay away from high-mileage Porsches.

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  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Aug 25, 2023

    Don't you need a "Pro" license to take this on a NHRA sanctioned track?

    Not that many if any will see actual race duty.

  • Carson D Carson D on Aug 25, 2023

    What's the resale market like for the first 25 'final' editions of the Challenger Hellcat? Surely not all of the friends of Chrysler dealers who sign up for every visit to the marketing well have room for so many late model Dodges.

  • MaintenanceCosts MaintenanceCosts on Aug 25, 2023

    Soaking the people who fear that their cars will get less on BaT in 2040 because the included accessories are incomplete.

  • Art_Vandelay Art_Vandelay on Aug 26, 2023

    Posts disappearing again. Weak.

    • Art_Vandelay Art_Vandelay on Aug 30, 2023

      Kids call it rage quitting. We know. ToolGuy never trolls