TTAC Giveaway: Bridgestone Potenza Sport Summer Tires

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
ttac giveaway bridgestone potenza sport summer tires

Hello there! It’s time once again for an exciting TTAC giveaway. This time, with summer looming — it will get warmer, we swear — we’re offering one lucky winner a set of new Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires.

You know the drill by now — click here to sign up. You have until May 13th to do so. Shortly after that, we’ll announce the winner and get the tires sent out. If you’re selected as the winner, you’ll see an email from us.

For the unaware, the Bridgestone Potenza Sport is a tire engineered for performance. Popular fitments include on the Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, and Toyota Supra.

Plus, as you’ll notice from the photo above, the Potenza Sport is the OE fitment for the new Maserati MC20!

The tire’s next-generation ultra-high silica compound helps provide strong grip and handling in both wet and dry conditions, and specially engineered pattern geometry helps maintain contact pressure while also driving water away for increased performance in the rain.

3D sipe technology is used to optimize pattern stiffness, thus resulting in the best possible balance of traction and wear. Finally, tuned tread sequencing minimizes noise, making for a quiet and comfortable ride.

For all the legal stuff, please click here.

And of course, thanks to the fine folks at Bridgestone for donating this set of performance tires.

Good luck!

[Image: TTAC/VerticalScope/Maserati]

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  • Land Ark Land Ark on Apr 28, 2022

    Well great, I just bought a set of Potenza Sports for my GTO a month ago. Where were you guys then??? Pretty happy with them thus far. Comfortable and soft and give confidence when going around a bend and break loose JUST a tiny bit right when you would want them to. Of course I am not sure if they are worth basically double what I paid for my last set of Potenzas a few years ago, but, what are you gonna do? I shouldn't have put it off for the last couple years and bought them when tires were cheaper.

  • Sobro Sobro on Apr 29, 2022

    Ima put Potenzas on my Potentia.

  • RHD This was awesome, in 1978. Now, it's very much obsolete - thirsty, slow, ponderous, noisy, rough, and dated design even in its time. Still, someone who wants to recreate some distant memories will buy it and restore it and enjoy it, and the seller just has to find that particular individual.
  • BEPLA Cybertruck may have made some kind of weird sense had it been brought on market on time, ie: before Rivian and F150 Lightning.But the market has progressed.If this were any normal company it would be ditched for a more competitive product.But in Elon's narcissistic dreamworld - well, we'll just see how it flops.
  • RHD If you want to 'win', just to to the local auto parts store and buy the stuff that you really want and need. Then you don't have to wonder if you'll ever actually get anything.
  • Bullnuke Farago was absolutely correct. I should have been allowed to die. It was never "Too Big To Fail" - It would have been bought up, perhaps in pieces, and the failing portions would have disappeared much as they did later while GM had control with Pontiac as an example. There would have been a small chance (well, very small chance) that the hide-bound corporate leadership would have been purged and injected with new ideas and direction. Wasn't allowed to happen as organized labor had a very large finger on the scale during that time...
  • FreedMike I don't know why this dash shocks anyone - the whole "touchscreen uber alles" thing is pure Tesla.