By on June 16, 2022

We here at TTAC are happy to announce that we have a winner from the Bridgestone summer tire giveaway we ran at the end of April.

His name is Darrell McCaslin, and he lives in Citrus Heights, California. Congratulations, Darrell!

Keep an eye on this space — we have more giveaways planned.

[Image: TTAC/VerticalScope/Maserati/Bridgestone]

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14 Comments on “Housekeeping: Announcing the Bridgestone Summer Tire Giveaway Winner...”

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    Congrats Darrell !!

  • avatar

    You mistyped both my name and my city. What’s up with that?

    Seriously, congrats!

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    Too bad, I could have used a set of summer rubber on my GLI – after 13,000 miles, the Hankooks are wearing about as thin as Wayne Newton’s Vegas act.

    • 0 avatar

      You burned through those Hankooks in 13,000 miles??? Damn!!! I’m guessing your driveway has a fresh coating of burned rubber!

      • 0 avatar

        They’re not done yet, but they’re well ahead of schedule. When I took it in for an oil change, the VW dealer noted excessive wear – apparently it’s an issue with that tire on this particular car. Who’d have thought that people who buy GLIs like to drive fast?

        Plus, they suck in snow AND rain. Looking forward to a different set.

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          100% correct with the suck in snow and rain. Snow was sheer terror – even the little bit we got this past winter, and rain made you feel like you weren’t connected to the road. I really wanted the summer tire option, but none were available.

          The Bridgestones on the MX-5 are amazing in the rain. Night and day compared to the Hankooks. Now they are getting a workout baking under the heat dome that keeps us around 100 degrees for this entire week.

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      13k miles…. I’d rip Bridgestone for that.

      In fact I did when I complained to them directly and MBUSA when the leased GLC300 that came with Bridgestone’s lasted 20k miles. No response, call back or reply from Bridgestone. Easy to never recommend a brand of tire, esp. when they treat their customers with contempt and sell shoddy quality.

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        The clincher is still the original Acura NSX tire wear. I’ve read in the past that some were bald after 2,000 to 3,000 miles and that wasn’t on a track! Yokohama tires if I recall.

        These days, given how they are likely driven, I think the now last-gen Civic Type-R wins the prize. I saw the tires are rated for (I believe) 24,000 miles and that has to be seen as a minor miracle if they make it that long. I’m reading that 10,000 seems to be the max, and that’s with rotations.

        The MX-5’s Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires are rated at 28,000 miles. They’re coming off in the winter, but I think I’ll be lucky to get 25,000 out of them.

        • 0 avatar

          HoNdaZ R sO aWeSoMe AnD wElL eNgInEeErReDd iF i wAs FoRcEd tO DrIvE aNyThInG oThEr ThAn aN AmAzInG VoLkSWaGeN (wHiCh aRe SuPeR AwEsOmE) I wOuLd DeFiNiTeLy pIcK HoNdA tHeY aRe aWeSoMe

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        I think 20,000 miles is going to be about all I get out of these tires as well. And you’re right – tire companies don’t give a rip. I’d replace them now, but the car’s leased, so my game plan is to run them as long as I can and then swap them out before winter hits in earnest (which is January around here).

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    Land Ark

    Well, my 2 month update from when the contest was announced and I had just had my new Potenza Sports installed on my GTO and… actually I have probably only driven it 30 miles since then so I guess I have to say they’ve been great. They haven’t gone flat yet anyway.

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    Nice commerical.

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    Bridgestone could use some good press because they’re taking a beating in every Nissan Z review.

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