Volkswagen AG Pressing Potential Porsche IPO

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volkswagen ag pressing potential porsche ipo

Volkswagen Group is apparently in talks with Porsche Automobil Holding SE about a potential initial public offering (IPO) for the Porsche luxury/sports brand. According to a statement from VW, the duo has already negotiated the agreed-upon frameworks and is in final discussions as to when they want to move forward.

Weeks of rumor preceded corporate confirmation, making it seem like the proposed deal was already a shoo-in. But any final decisions will still need to be approved by the management and supervisory boards — something Volkswagen Group said has yet to happen.

From VW:

Volkswagen AG and Porsche Automobil Holding SE are currently in advanced discussions regarding a potential IPO of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. For this purpose, Volkswagen AG and Porsche Automobil Holding SE negotiated a Framework Agreement which should form the basis for further steps in the preparation of a potential IPO of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG.

The conclusion of the Framework Agreement is subject to the approval of the Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG. A final decision have not yet taken.

Whether a Framework Agreement is concluded and its content as well as the question if an IPO of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche is being further assessed, is currently open and depends on the approval of both parties’ boards.

The media has been talking about a Porsche IPO for years, so everyone is expect it to be huge. As a result, the mere suggestion that the brand could go public sent Volkswagen shares up by roughly 10 percent before the day was through.

Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources, that investors would likely be offered about 25 percent of non-voting shares in Porsche while the Porsche–Piëch family scoops up a minority blocking stake. It estimated the hypothetical listing resulting in a brand value of 85 billion euros, making everyone very rich while also helping to smooth over Volkswagen’s prolonged history of internal power struggles.

The timeline for the IPO is anybody’s guess. But Bloomberg, which seems to have a lot of knowledge on the subject, suggested that we could see a listing by the second half of 2022. Frankly, it seems more plausible than any claim that VW’s corporate structure will suddenly be made less hectic. Both the State of Lower Saxony and Qatar Investment Authority own sizable shares of the automaker and government influence has a tendency to muddle these kinds of negotiations. Though Porsche SE holds the majority with 53.3 percent of Volkswagen Group.

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Matt Posky
Matt Posky

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  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Feb 22, 2022

    Why are they doing that? They should hire some MBAs from elite American schools. They would propose to rebadge VW Golf as Porsche 911 and add some appliques for excitement.

    • Jeff S Jeff S on Feb 22, 2022

      Some of the ex-gmers have a lot of experience in rebadging. Anyone that can turn a Cavalier into a Cadillac or a Fairmont into a Lincoln (looking at you Ford).

  • Inside Looking Out Inside Looking Out on Feb 22, 2022

    And the next will be Porsche pickup truck based on Nissan Frontier or Ram.

    • Jeff S Jeff S on Feb 22, 2022

      With VW's connection with Ford it will likely be a Ranger or Maverick which wouldn't entirely be bad.

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  • Spamvw Three on the tree, even Generation X would have a hard time stealing one of those.
  • ToolGuy This trend of cyan wheels needs to end NOW.
  • Kwik_Shift Interesting nugget(s) of EV follies.
  • SaulTigh I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you really cared about the environment you'd be encouraging everyone to drive a standard hybrid. Mature and reliable technology that uses less resources yet can still be conveniently driven cross country and use existing infrastructure.These young people have no concept of how far we've come. Cars were dirty, stinking things when I was a kid. They've never been cleaner. You hardly ever see a car smoking out the tail pipe or smell it running rich these days, even the most clapped out 20 year old POS. Hybrids are even cleaner.